Belle Fille-less

Belle’s out of town (as I said earlier). The aching, swollen thing seems to have gotten better, but goddamn I wish I was seeing her tonight so I could be all achy and sore again tomorrow. Sure hope she’ll talk dirty to me later…

[UPDATE] She called. Tired. Sleepy. Definitely not in dirty talking mood, though she did tell me she was touching herself. That did not necessarily help me. Now I’ve got that image in my head, a whole interweb full of porn, and sore balls. I wish the CB-6000 was here now and on me. I’d still be horny as hell, but without any hope of releasing myself. I’d have no choice but to muscle through until Wednesday night.

Forgot to mention earlier that about 13 hours after she gets home, I’ll be getting on a plane and flying out of town until the following Monday. If she gives me a chance to shoot my load on Wednesday night, I’m taking that fucker.

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