Blue balls

Jesus, my balls ache. They feel fat, heavy, and bloated. I’m pretty sure this is merely a symptom of not being released by Belle, but it’s only been three days since my last orgasm. We’ve had sex two of those nights and one of the mornings plus she jacked me off last night and this morning (up to the point of orgasm, but not beyond). So, I’ve had more than my fair share of stimulation, but no release. *groan*

On the other hand, it could be a result of my D.I.Y cock ring. While shopping for chastity devices, I read on Tickleberry their tips for measuring the circumference of my balls and cock (you need that for the trapped-balls type devices that fit around your unit). They recommend taking that measurement to the local hardware store and getting a similarly sized steel ring to check the fit. I did the math (circumference / 3.14) and got a diameter over 2 inches. This seemed odd since most of these things seem to top out at 2 inches and, while it does somewhat pain me to say this, the size of my member is nothing out of the ordinary.

After wearing a 2″ ring from my local hardware store for two days and a night, I had to take it off due to the pain. It’s not too tight when my dick is soft, but when it’s hard (as it was pretty much the entire first night I wore it) it’s quite tight. The next day, the pain was gone. Since Belle had allowed me to orgasm the night before, I couldn’t know what caused the pain. I wore the ring again over night and had to take it off again the next day due to pain, but that was after being denied the night before.

So, I’m left with two scenarios. One, the circumference of my unit is freakishly large and I’ll only be able to wear custom-fit elephant-type chastity devices. While this might be good for my ego, it’s a real pain in the ass as I so badly want to wear chastity for more than 48 hours at a time. Or two, I’m a weak little pussy that only after a couple of days of denial has such a bad case of blue balls that I’m left limping around the house like a 70-year-old.

Neither is very appealing. I’ll keep you posted.

P.S. We eventually bought the CB-6000 from this site which had the lowest price I could find online. Not only was it cheaper than a stainless model, but it comes with multiple rings (none of which is bigger than 2″). We figure it’s a good training wheels type option to use while deciding if a chastity device is right for us. If so, I’m definitely getting some heavy metal.

Belle, who just left town for a business trip, told me I could open the box when it arrives but I can under no circumstances put it on since, technically, the device belongs to her, not me (as does the thing it goes on). I anxiously await its arrival.

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