So I’m feeling kinda bleh tonight. Belle’s out of town and I miss her and wish she was with me. In fact, I feel her absence with a special keenness because we’ve been through so much lately and have come so far in such a short period of time. I really feel the need to be with her now, but of course, I’m not.

At the beginning of our relationship she’d go overseas for a week or two and I’d miss her so badly that I’d call her voicemail just to hear her and I’d walk into her closet and bury my face in her sweaters just to smell her. I’m feeling a little like that tonight. I know she’ll be calling me later but I also know she’ll be 1,500 miles away and that we’ll only be together for one night before I leave and have to spend five more days away from her.

Like I said, bleh.

Plus, I keep finding more blogs and sites on chastity/tease & denial/orgasm denial and find myself feeling more and more distant from the vast community of people practicing these things. There are a few islands of apparent sanity that seem closer to where I am, but so many of the others are alien to me. They’re either guys looking to be absolutely dominated by their women who will keep their nasty, awful, piggish manseed bottled up inside them forever or they’re serial masturbators practicing a special kind of self-loathing and who are trying to save themselves from themselves with $180 pieces of acrylic. There are some elements of these guys that I can see in myself, but for the most part I feel as different from them as I am from just about anyone on the planet. To be honest, it’s starting to suck a lot of my enthusiasm out of all this.

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