Triple play

Last night I spoke to an old friend about this strange new world of orgasm denial (OD). It was refreshing because I felt very much that I wanted to share this with someone other than Belle. I’m sure most people would tend to keep this kind of thing to themselves, but I’ve been compelled to talk about it and I think I know why. First of all, now that I’m being totally open with Belle about everything I’m thinking and wanting, it’s sort of broken down a wall I had built between my fantasies and real life. Since she’s the most important person to me in the world and knows everything I just don’t feel like I need to keep it a secret from anyone else. Second, in the short time Belle’s had control over my emissions, I’ve gotten a glimpse of the incredible transformational potential of OD.

I know that in my body (and, I assume, the bodies of most other guys) my brain, heart, and dick are all on the same circuit. Get control of one of those things, and the other two are easy pickins‘. Get two, and it’s game over. What I feel has happened in our relationship is that my brain and my heart conspired to hand over my dick to Belle. Due to the tremendous trust I have in her (brain) and the great love I feel towards her (heart), it was perfectly natural for me to hand over my dick (which really serves him right for being so easily distracted and only waking up a couple of times an hour). The erotic power of this arrangement also pleases both the brain and heart immensely and that helps keep the dick in it’s place. Then, since the dick really is a simple minded yet powerful little guy, all the focus of his attention gets whittled into into a sharp point. In short, he has no other options. Like a kid frying an ant with a magnifying glass, he targets Belle and makes sure the brain and the heart (those elitist eggheads who put him in this spot to begin with) have no choice but to follow his imperative and focus on her more than they did before. That’s the beauty of this scheme. A simple yet sincere act of trust and love has, in effect, worked to increase those same feelings many times over. Soon, she became the absolute center of my universe. She hardly ever leaves my consciousness and her pleasure and well being have become a primary objective of mine. When she’s not near, I think about when she will be again. When she is near, I am always thinking of new ways to make her even closer to me. Heady stuff.

Truth be told, I had no idea OD would prove to be so potent. I am not a person with religious faith nor have I ever really felt its absence. However, this concept has proven to be so transformational that I begin to understand the zealot’s drive. I want everyone to do this. I think it should be standard operating procedure and, in fact, written into the marriage vows. Hell, I might just found a church around this. I could use the tax write-off. Anyone interested in joining Our Lady of Perpetual Denial?

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  1. sign. me. up.

    srsly, I’m sitting here wondering how many partners have used ***this. post.*** to sway the other toward FLR or OD or the like. what you describe is the most beautiful and tender and true definition of love and/or marriage/commitment that I think has ever resonated with me.

    what a gift you’ve given Belle.

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