2 thoughts on “FetLife

  1. If you like fetlife, give KinkySpace.com – it’s the free social network site that is more like MySpace – but for adults! It’s fetish friendly, visually appealing, easy to navigate and growing very quickly 🙂

  2. Hey I just found you blog after looking on Blogspot – I had you bookmarked at the wrong place :-(. I fixed it 🙂

    I am adding your blog to the list of blogs on BestSexBloggers’ blogroll, now that I have the right address 🙂

    Oh, and by the way – there is an easier way to link your FetLife profile than FetLife.com/users/60128 – you could just link to: FetLife.com/thumperMN. It can be easier for your friends to find you that way.

    I don’t know if you use Twitter or not, but we’ve started a list on FetLife of our twitter names, too – you might want to add yours if you have one: http://fetlife.com/groups/3173.

    I like the look of your new home on WordPress. I use WordPress for my own blogs. I like it a lot better than Blogger.

    I’ll look for more now that I know where to find you !!


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