Election day

Previously, I reported that Belle had picked the outcome of Virginia’s presidential election as the determining factor as to whether or not I was to be imprisoned tonight. If the state went for McCain, I was to be locked up. However, after looking at the polls, she’s decided Florida is a closer call. So, if you live in Florida, please take my fate into consideration when casting your vote today. 😉

Last night, Belle and I had a great conversation. I got her The Sexually Dominant Woman: A Workbook for Nervous Beginners (which is incredibly short and simplistic, but written in a nice and nonthreatening way). After she finished it, we talked for a while. It’s clear (maybe obviously so) that the most important part of our integrating OD and D/s into our marriage is communicating our boundaries and expectations. I think she’s putting a lot of stress on herself with regards to being the kind of dominant I’m looking for. She’s never going to be a man-eating dominatrix because that’s just not in her. In fact, I just want her to be herself. I want her to treat me as the junior partner in the sexual aspect of our relationship in any way that’s comfortable for her. I’m just thrilled to be along for the ride.

She did confess a reluctance to participate in any kind of anal play with me. That’s a disappointment, but seeing we have so many other things to get through first (she has yet to tie me up or flagellate me, darn it all), I’m not too worried. I do enjoy it and go through periods where I crave it, but they’re few and far between. Maybe with more discussion and a better understanding of what’s involved, she’ll change her mind, but in the mean time, I’m good.

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