Cornucopia of orgasms

In the eight days from the Saturday Belle and I were at the cabin to yesterday, I’ve had five orgasms. This is, I admit, an embarrassingly large number for someone supposedly practicing orgasm denial. I like to think that, rather than denial, Belle and I have been practicing orgasm control since none of the orgasms were without her authorization. Perhaps it was the spirit of holiday bounty that moved her.

In any event, I am now back in the CB6K. Her period should come any second now and, as has been previously reported, I am to be locked up for the entirety of her menstruation. Note I said it should come any second. It hasn’t yet, though I’m still locked up. What was I saying about getting turned on by unfairness?

Funny thing is, what with all the coming I’ve been doing, I can’t say I was overly excited about being placed in chastity. I was getting into a groove and kinda liking it. The idea of staying out and continuing down this “come every 48 hours” road was fairly appealing. For the first time, she’s put me in chastity pretty much against my will. I’ll be curious to see how my feelings about it change while I’m in here.

In related news, I’m considering – and strongly leaning towards – getting a Prince Albert peircing. I can’t say exactly why, though the idea turns me on and, to be honest, I can’t explain why half the things that turn me on do so. Belle’s not opposed, so I might take the plunge after she lets me out of lock-up. I’m attracted by the relatively short healing time and the many chastity devices that take advatage of a PA piercing. I’d appreciate hearing about any experiences the half-dozen people who read Denying Thumper have had with this kind of hole in their dick.

5 thoughts on “Cornucopia of orgasms

  1. You brave and foolish man. What you suggest can be a fascinating enhancement for life. Or not.

    I don’t recommend doing what I did, but here it is. My wife approved my PA piercing, but would not commit herself to taking me to a professional. “What is left?” you ask. “Do it yourself.”

    Yes, I did it myself while she took pictures of it. The short story is that the experience was highly erotic, and the results great. You can look at my blog, for example, at My Little Guy healed well, and have not had problems. But it would take some balls to go through this, so now you know.

  2. Holy. Shit. You did it yourself?! I am simultaneously horrified, appalled, and turned on. I’ve visited your blog many times, but haven’t seen that post. I’ll be reading it shortly!

  3. Ah, I think I was not clear. I do have pictures of the process, but they were not posted on my blog. The link above is just one view of the result later.

    I did not post these because I am not sure that most readers are ready for it. It is nothing gross, but there is a bit of blood involved as one would expect.

  4. Darn. I totally wanted to see you piercing your own dick. In any event, my hat’s off to you. I’m not sure I’d have the nerve to do that myself.

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