Thumper’s CB-6000 tips and tricks

Hubris. There is no other explanation as to why someone like myself, who has spent maybe a month’s worth of accumulated time locked in his keyholder’s CB-6000, would attempt to tell you how to live with one, especially when there are other, more experienced people out there to whom you could turn for such advice. Pure hubris. Then again, I recall needing to absorb any and all information I could find on this topic prior to locking the thing on my junk for the first time, so perhaps all I’m doing is taking advantage of your desperation for information. Plus, it isn’t like you haven’t been warned. In any event, the usual obligatory reminders that what works for me and my cock won’t necessarily work for you and yours (i.e., YMMV).

UPDATE: This content has been greatly revised and expanded here.

Where to buy
This is simple. I looked at a lot of sites before buying the CB-6000 I’m wearing now and the cheapest I could find at that time was this one. It seemed to take a really long time to take receipt of the device after ordering it, but it eventually showed up in perfect condition, exactly as advertised. This is an area where the buyer really does need to beware since the range of prices I saw for a CB-6000 was very broad. Some sites wanted north of $200.

Getting it in there
It has been said before that getting into any chastity device is a highly ironic experience. The device who’s purpose is to entrap and control your erections will, the first time you put it on, give you a terrific erection. My advice is to make the first attempt right after you’ve already come (though, if said coming was from vaginal sex, I’d clean up a bit first). After the first couple of times, I found I could sneak it on without my dick waking up at all.

The included instructions say to use lube to help get the penis inserted into the tube. I did that the first couple of times (using System JO silicone lube) but I’ve since switch to the “sock method”. I don’t recall where I first read about this procedure, but I find it a much more efficient method with which to put my dick in the CB-6000’s tube (if for no other reason than direct manipulation of my meat is kept to a minimum).

  1. Before starting, I apply a small amount of silicone lube in the tube and spread it around evenly. This isn’t for insertion, it’s for later comfort as I find being dry in the tube to be intolerable. The silicone allows my member to move up and down freely after insertion and it doesn’t dry up or get sticky like water-based lubes or lotion (basically, it works until it doesn’t).
  2. Next, I thread through the slit at the end of the tube one of Belle’s knee socks, toe first. A knee sock is kinda like a very short nylon and, I assume, the foot of a pair of nylons could be used the same way. As long as the material is thin and sheer, you’ll be in business. In either event, you want to leave about four to six inches of the sock loose at the opening of the tube.
  3. Now, place the opening of the sock over your dick, all the way to the root.
  4. Finally, start sliding the tube down over your dick. Once you’ve made contact and most or all of your dick is in the tube, start pulling the sock out through the other end. This will pull your meat all the way into the tube and, as an added bonus, give you a slight thrill as you feel the material move across your head. Enjoy it as it may be the last pleasurable sensation you get from that area in quite a while.

If you’ve done it right, the head of your dick will be deposited all the way at the end of the tube where it belongs. I’ve found, with a little practice, that this is the easiest way to get the tube on.

Making it fit (or, “Ouch, that hurts.”)
This is the most variable aspect of wearing a CB-6000 since every man’s unit is configured differently. I can add little extra value to what Maymay has already said on the subject:

I think it makes the most sense to start out with the largest ring that you can easily fit your index finger under, and one of the larger spacers. Wear that combination for a while, and decrease the size of the spacer ’til you hit the smallest one. If this combination is still comfortable for you, revert to the next-smallest ring, and up the spacer’s width. Keep going in this fashion until you reach a point where you can still push your index finger under the ring but just barely, and are using the smallest spacer you can handle. You’ll know if you can’t because your testicles will feel cold, look blue, and lack blood shortly after putting on the CB. This is a sign that there is not enough space between the ring and the tube for your testicles’ blood vessels to keep flowing smoothly and it is a very bad thing.

I started in the largest ring (2″) and have since moved to the second largest (1 7/8″) and I’m wearing the second-to-smallest spacer. I would like to get down to the middle ring (1 3/4″) but so far have experienced a lot of pain in that size while erect, though I will keep trying.

And this brings me to the subject of pain. If you can’t handle pain, you might want to think twice about chastity devices. They can be worn without serious pain, to be sure, but especially during the initial trial period, I found there to be a lot more pain in that region of my body than I was previously accustomed. Even now, when I consider myself “broken-in” and the device is comfortable enough to be worn indefinitely, I experience pain from it. Usually, it’s from the ring being pushed into my pubic bone all day when sitting or by my ball sack getting bunched up in such a way that it starts to burn (simply fixed by a quick pull and readjustment). Speaking of which, since the device works by trapping your balls between the ring and the tube, they tend to be stretched and squashed as the day wears on. This is unavoidable. After several days, the stretching of my ball sack can get fairly uncomfortable. I apply either lotion or the silicone lube and that provides a measure of comfort. This is something I think I just have to adjust to (either by my ball sack being stretched or the skin becoming a little tougher). I think it’s important to remember that a man’s cock and balls were never designed to have a device like this on them 24/7. The fact that it’s as easy to wear as it is amazes me.

Finally, it’s best not to forget that a dry ring that can’t move freely is much more uncomfortable than a lubricated one, regardless of size. Twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, I apply the lube around the inside of the ring all the way around. This is a required measure for me. Forgetting to do this can lead to hours of unhappiness.

Getting a good night’s sleep in a chastity device was my biggest issue at first. There is no magic bullet. Apply the lube at night before you go to bed to help with movement of the device and make sure your bladder is empty, but regardless, the only thing you can do here is get used to it. I found my first nocturnal erection to be excruciating, and that was with the largest ring. Eventually, though, my body adjusted to the sensation and now I find I usually can sleep to about 5:00 AM and will only occasionally wake up before then.

I’ve read that sleeping on your stomach is not possible while in the device, but I’ve found that I can. To do this, I have to push the entire package down between my legs. When very erect, this can be difficult, but otherwise is possible.

My original hope with the CB-6000 was that I’d find it impossible to remove. Truth is, it’s not. The best advice I can give regarding this is the same thing I’ve read elsewhere: The CB-6000 all by itself is a deterrent, nothing more. There is a certain amount of trust that needs to go into a keyholder/chastised male relationship. You cannot look at the CB6K as your final line of defense against self-abuse. That’s got to be in your head. Besides, even if the design of the thing was fool-proof, it would take me about 5 minutes to get it off using any of several tools I have in the house. It’s not like being encased in hardened steel.

Be that as it may, I do also use the KSD-G3. At first, I got it for security, but having come to terms with that, I now wear it to help keep my dick down inside the tube. This is purely for comfort and to help make it easier to pee standing up (yes, it’s possible – keep reading). I’ve recently decided to get a PA piercing (at least, I think I’ve decided), so I supposed I could get something like this cable to really and truly ensure security, but will probably just switch to a device that integrates the PA into its design.

Walking around and stuff
I find tighter jockey-style underwear that holds the device close to my body to be better for walking around comfort than looser boxer-style underwear. However, pants with a low rise (reduced space around the crotch) or that are somewhat tight are practically impossible to wear. This includes most of my jeans and a fair number of my dress pants. I have resigned myself to having to buy new jeans specifically to wear with the device. I DO NOT advise wearing the device without underwear. I found that my balls (as I’ve mentioned, stretched and sensitive) are made to unnecessarily suffer when left uncovered. Those unfinished seams, etc., on the inside of pants can be brutal.

My single biggest issue with regards to wearing the device around and about was how it made it impossible to pee standing up. I knew it was impossible because I read it on the internet (and everything on the internet is true, right?). Well, fellow frustrated brethren, I’m here to tell you that peeing as you were intended to pee is possible while wearing the CB-6000.

As I mentioned above, having the head of your dick down close to the slit at the end is vital to successful vertical peeing. The KSD-G3 helps with this, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Simply pushing the tube towards your pelvis should be enough to move the head down (assuming you’re properly lubricated and not all jammed up in there). Then, I use the end of my pinkie to help align my slit with the device’s and let fly. Yes, this does take some practice, but I can now approach a urinal without fear.

Tom Allen actually modified his CB-3000 to make this easier. I find his mod to be so sensible, I’m surprised they didn’t change the design of the CB-6000 to match. Once I build up the nerve to do so, I may very well apply the business end of my Dremel to the device and make a similar modification.

In conclusion…
The last thing I want to leave you with is this: It is impossible to create a scenario where you ever actually forget that you’re wearing your device. And who’d want to? Denying your penis pleasure and sabotaging your erections are only part of its function. Arguably the more important duty of any chastity device is to constantly remind you that you are not in control of your cock. Any pain, discomfort, or modification of lifestyle should be considered gentle reminders that there is one very important part of your body to which you have ceded sovereignty. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you’ll enjoy being locked up.

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  1. Good tips and, indeed, to each their own. There really isn’t any substitute than just trying it for oneself. Also a sad yes on the amount of pain there exists when first getting used to it. I found that my scrotum did, indeed, stretch quite a bit over time to accommodate wearing the device. And by “time” I mean “several months.” (Augh.)

    I actually used the knee-sock technique for insertion at first but later found it simply wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped and I no longer use it.

    Also, I can pee in the CB while standing as well, and to do so I do the same pinky-alignment trick as you describe. Even after practicing this, however, sometimes the alignment just isn’t happening and so I resort to sitting (or crouching) to avoid as much of the spray as I can.

  2. See, the peeing thing really bothers me – it detracts from the convenience of the device for daily wear – especially for those of us who don’t work in office buildings with easy access to stalls.

    For insertion, I always put a dab of lotion in the cage. Not only does it make it easier to slip on, it’s also better for adjusting yourself during the day – including when you have to realign things in order to pee.

    And yes, I wonder why AL Enterprises doesn’t mold a small round section at the tip of the cage.

    BTW, I’ve come up with something to help with pullout issues. I read some guy who had put a large keyring behind his head and let the chain dangle from the slot. I dislike that idea for a number of reasons, so the other week I found a rubber O ring and looped a 2 1/2″ thin elastic around it. I placed that just past my head and dangle the elastic through the slot, then looped it around the cage and up to the lock. It’s surprisingly secure and comfortable.

    I tried soaping up in a hot shower (the only time I can generally get free), but the elastic won’t allow me to pull out of the device – certainly not without breaking. And the O ring felt fine, after I lightly sanded the seams.

    It’s not elegant, but it works and is secure. I’m going to take some pics soon and post them.

  3. @maymay – Your top ten tips are terrific and were a great resource for me. Thanks for that!

    @tom – Was that O ring an inch in diameter? I think that’s what you said over on FetLife. I’d like to see those pics, but the idea seems pretty straightforward. The ring didn’t irritate? I love how you roll up your sleeves and start hacking on this stuff. AL Ent should hire you as a consultant!

  4. I think that the few I had were 1/8″ increments, so 7/8″, 1″ and 1-1/8″ was what I had to work with. The 7/8″ fit, but was tight, and I didn’t think there was any point in having it tight when the 1″ fit without pinching.

    Also, the geometry is not straighforward. It’s not like slipping a ring on a cylinder; once in the cage, the O ring is going to be tilted along the axis, with the bottom side slightly forward (toward the tip of the tube), which means that any tugging on the elastic will simply make the top side pull into the soft flesh, making it harder to get off.

    I’m going to try this with the 6k next, since I have a problem with that one. My head doesn’t fit into the space provided, and so it is more prone to slipping backwards, making it much more fiddly when I need to pee.

  5. Okay, I rigged up some spacers for the 6k and I’m trying it out. I haven’t checked myself yet today, but I’ve been able to pee standing up, so that’s a positive sign so far.

  6. Terrific! I’d love to hear how it goes.

    Yesterday, I took the KSD-G3 out and found peeing to be a lot trickier. The little bit the G3 keeps me down in the tube and/or positioned *does* seem to make a difference when it comes to vertical urination.

  7. Thanks for the link with the “sock trick”, it really works fine!

    It’s my first day with a chastity device, no discomfort yet, but a great feeling!!

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  9. I’ve been wearing a CB6000 on and off for the past year. I’ve had 2 bust at the cage seam throughout that time.
    I guess that I could be classified as a grower because I’m able to pull out of it even on the third ring, but it’s hard to… I’ve since then started using the KSD-G3 again and there’s no way to pull out. I’m fine through out the day, but around 1-3 I get a lot of pain from the ring. If I go up to the next larger ring I get pain from the KSD-G3 and it will actually cut the top of my penis after a couple of days.
    I’ve messed with the spacers as well, but I’ve done that over a couple of weeks…

    Thanks for posting your advice on this!

  10. At first, I ask you not to get bothered with my English: I’m a Brazilian slave and I’m not used to write in your idiom, but I can understand it very well. My girlfriend bought a cb6000 three months ago and I’m wearing it since then, but I had some experiences very strange with this device, experiences I couldn’t find described in other sites… Two in particular bother me more:

    1) The first one, sometimes when I get hard the device hurts my cock, making me bleed… I don’t think it should happen, because blood can bring great problems to my health… does it happen with everybody? The place where the hurts bleed is at those 6 spaces at the beginning of the cage (the skin, when the cock tries to get hard, scapes in those spaces, and sometimes it causes bleeding…), maybe for some breathing purpose.

    2) The second and more important thing: I can cum using the device… I don’t know why, but when I’m very excited, I can shake slightly the cage and, with my immagination and these movements, I can have ejaculations, as many as I want. I don’t know what to do… I was addicted to masturbation and one of the reasons I wanted to give my dick to my girlfriend was to lose this addiction… Is it a problem of the ring size? I’m using the third spacer and the second ring (from the biggest to the smaller)…

    I would appreciate very much any help you could give me! Thanks.

    1. No, you absolutely should NOT be bleeding. The vents you’re talking about can be uncomfortable and some people use epoxy to seal them up, but bleeding it totally unacceptable. How wide is your shaft when it’s erect?

      With regard to being able to orgasm while wearing, I know some people can do that (though I can’t). Remember, you need to *want* to be denied. There are few devices that can do that all on their own. The device is only have the equation.

  11. Hi thumper,
    Appreciate your clear and informative article on the use of CB 6000. Borrowed one from a sub who suggest/dare me to try it on for 7 days this morning. I locked myself at 5pm and it’s been 12 hours and if not for your article, i would be completely lost. Thanks also to the link to the forum which i hope to go thru in the next 7 painful days. 🙂

  12. Hi there, I wonder if you could help me understand a problem I’ve had with trying to wear a CB6K for more than a day or two. Essentially, when I go to sleep at night, I’ll wake up to discover that my balls, or at least my scrotum, have swollen up considerably and I need to remove the device. Usually it takes about a day for the swelling to go down. I’ve asked a few people I know who play with chastity devices about this, and they either haven’t experienced it or haven’t worn a device for more than a few hours. I’ve looked around a bit online and also haven’t found anything, and I’m not certain that other “authorities” are really that knowledgeable.

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