The piercing cometh

My Belle Fille’s out of town again until Wednesday. Just a quick trip, but in my orgasm-deprived state, her absence is keenly felt. I wish she was here now. *sigh*

Ahem. Sorry. In other news, I made an appointment today at Saint Sabrina’s for my PA piercing. Wednesday at noon. Yikes. I admit to being more than a little nervous. I mean, they’re going to poke a hole in my dick. There will be blood. Perhaps, a lot of blood. Um…anyway, I’m telling you this in an attempt to make it impossible for me to chicken out. If I don’t follow through, I’ll have to come back here and explain.

It’s recommended that one not have sex for a week following a new PA piercing. Wednesday will be ten days (my record so far) so add a week onto that, I guess. Two and a half weeks. I am simultaneously horrified and excited by the prospect. It’ll take four to six weeks to heal, so I’m also guessing that keeps me out of the CB6K until sometime in January. Happy New Year!

OK, I’m going to go now and freak out about my dick and not coming for more than half a month. See you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The piercing cometh

  1. Trust me – for the first few days, you’re going to be so freaked over the idea of a big sharp needle, then a metal ring in your tonker, that you’re not going to even think about not having had sex.

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