Uncharted waters

It’s been eleven days since my last orgasm. This is a new high-water mark in my denial and there’s no telling when I’ll next be released. When I last went ten days, I was nearly manic in my need for release, but right now I’m in pretty good shape. There are a number of differences this time. Then, I had also been in the CB6K for eight days (which was my longest stint), so there was more than one thing I was looking forward to. Also, that period of denial led up to our weekend alone at the cabin which had me really excited since it was also going to be the first time Belle tied me up and flogged me.

This time, though, she’s been out of town for a few days, so the edge of my desire seems to be off. Even though she got back yesterday, we spent most of the time preparing our house for a party of 50 people tonight, so quiet time was at a minimum. I assume that since we’ll have 50 people over, the opportunity for sexual contact will be low tonight. My next best chance will be tomorrow night. But, oh yeah. I have a fresh flesh wound in my cock.

I did eventually bleed yesterday, but it was diluted and came out the end of my dick, not the hole. I had assumed the blood would come from the wound, but it doesn’t. Even this morning when I found spots of fresh, pure blood in my dressing, it had all come through the natural opening, not the new one. I can report that my nocturnal erections caused some significant discomfort last night. Hope that doesn’t last long. Right now, I can feel it in there and there’s some minor discomfort, but the bleeding seems to have stopped, at least temporarily. Also, I ordered this piece of jewelry for when the majority of my healing’s done. It’ll give something for Belle to hold on to when she’s leading me around.

Basically, I assume I should be climbing the walls, but I’m not. I chalk that up to the cock not feeling like a source of pleasure, but it could be I’m just acclimating. By the time I get to come next, it will have been two-and-a-half to three weeks of denial. That orgasm might just make my head explode.

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