One fortnight

I nearly forgot to mention that today marks two weeks since my last orgasm, a new record by four days with no relief in sight. I’m surprised at how calm I am in the face of what is easily the longest I’ve gone without ejaculation since I’ve been able to perform the feat. My attitude is undoubtedly a side effect of the still-fresh hole in my dick.

Since we’re on the topic, I can report that the hole hurts. Or rather, the area in my urethra through which the stainless steel bar passes is very sore. The flesh on the bottom of the head of my penis is slightly swollen and pink(er). Urinating causes a burning sensation and is somewhat harder than usual since, I assume, it has to pass through the swollen, crowded tube. The swelling and pain did not appear until the day after Belle jacked me off. I think, in retrospect, that was slightly more action than I was ready for. All the swelling and pain is slightly better today than it was yesterday, though. I’m doing my salt water soaks twice a day as proscribed. Updating my Facebook status to “is going to soak his penis” crossed my mind earlier this evening, but I thought better of it. Anyway, it is healing, but much more slowly than I’d prefer. Wednesday will be a week since the piercing and Belle tells me that’s the very earliest I’ll be allowed release.

Yesterday, I experienced a new thing. Semen leaked from me off and on throughout the day. I’m assuming that’s my prostate expelling all that unneeded ammo it’s been sitting on for 14 days. It was somewhat sad and depressing seeing those sorry little hard stains in my underwear.

Come on, cells, heal. Heal, damn it, HEAL.

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  1. Soaking your penis…..rotflmao. And not to be out done…eating cum sounds like a great idea up until you actually come. Wow, have I been there! Great blog. Thanks.

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