Seventeen days since my last orgasm. I thought I’d get a little something last night, but no luck. Belle started to jerk me off, but it bothered the piercing and we had to stop. That sucked. Then tonight, she started again. I think it would have worked, except all she wanted to do was tease me. I asked her when I was going to come and she said soon, but not today. Today was an odd numbered day (17) and she liked even numbers. Super.

The piercing is coming along nicely. The swelling it almost totally gone and the color is back to normal. There is still tenderness around the new hole, but it seems to be able to take a little more abuse than the other night when she aggravated it by accident. I know Belle said she didn’t want to risk penetrative activity with it, but I think that would actually be easier on it than a hand job at this point (especially since I’m supposed to wear a condom for the next six weeks or so). I’m counting on the knowledge that she wants the cock really bad right now and will give in tomorrow night.

Currently, I’m semierect and thinking about surfing for porn and edging myself, but I’m afraid even a little stroking will bring me to climax fairly easily. I can’t come (or not come) this far only to blow it by jizzing all over my Macbook.

That said, I’m really interested in experiencing the sensation of fucking and coming with metal in my dick. Earlier, when I was hard, I played around with the ball sticking out my urethra and have to admit it felt awesome. Just flicking it on the end sent some very interesting vibrations though the head of my cock. I still experience pain sometimes when urinating, so I’m a little concerned that my first orgams in who-the-fuck-knows how long will actually hurt, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Who knows, maybe it’ll end up being my first ruined orgasm.

OK, time to try sleeping again.

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