To come or not to cum

So, I have to admit to always feeling kinda silly writing the word “cum”. Previously, it hasn’t really been an issue since I wrote it so infrequently. Now, though, I seem to be writing it…allthetime. I suppose there’s a Funk and Wagnalls for sexuality writing that specifies which I should use, but instead of referencing that, I thought I’d ask the gentle readers of my self-centered brain droppings.

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6 Replies to “To come or not to cum”

  1. Sorry, but “cum” is just too much like a bad Penthouse Forum letter. Actually, it’s not even that sophisticated.

    Please stick to “coming.” It sounds the same, and it makes you look less of a twit.

  2. I’m with Tom on this one. Cum just looks like such an ugly, ugly word. Looks too much like Internet/text “I can’t be bothered to type it properly” speak.

  3. So I started reading Drew’s blog first and now I am catching up on yours. I find it funny that he was just posting about the same thing himself, not too long ago. 🙂

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