Unintended consequences

Back on the 1st, I wondered about the future direction of the blog and worried somewhat over how I’d continue to write about something that doesn’t happen. Well, in the short term anyway, I’d say my worry was a bit premature. This task Belle’s left me has apparently stoked my muse. In six days, I posted seven times and wrote 7,000 words. And I’m not done yet. I think there are maybe two more posts I have to make before I’ve satisfied her instructions.

The other side effect of the task was not intended, I’m sure. Turns out, making me write specific things I want during sex has left me thinking about those things all the time (duh, right?). I’m almost manically obsessed with kinky sex with no way to burn off any of my desire. If I’m not writing about it, I’m thinking about it or reading about it. Yesterday was one of the least productive of my professional life. All I could do was think about what I wanted to post and whether I’d covered well enough what I already wrote about. Remember the old Palmolive commercials? Testosterone – You’re soaking in it!

All that’s a long way of saying I’M SO FUCKING HORNY. I feel like thoughts of sex haven’t left my mind for the past three days and I’ve still got three left before Belle gets home. And when she is home, she’ll be tired and all jetlagged, so it’s not like she’ll want much to do with me. Then, on Sunday, we’ll have something like 62 10-year-old boys hanging around for my son’s birthday party. I’m not sure what it is I think will happen anyway since Belle’s already said I might only come three times this year (and I just shot one of those less than a week ago). The only way having her here will make me less frustrated is if she grants me access to the temple (and even then, all it can do is take the jagged edge off). I’m getting to that point where all I want to do is rub my face in her pussy, deeply imbibing her female scent and marking myself with it like a feral beast who wants all the other beasts to know she’s my mate. Somehow, Belle’s figured out a way to tease and deny me into a frothy lather from 15 times zones away.

It’s not like I’m counting or anything, but my erections per hour rate is way, way above normal (way). The CB6K helps me be more aware of them, of course. The smaller ring I’m wearing was biting pretty hard this morning, but I’m continuing to feel like I’m adapting to it. I’ve been applying lotion to my scrotum liberally and noticed it didn’t hurt as much as before, except where it was trapped under the ring. Last night after my shower, I decided to try Maymay’s lubrication advice and use baby oil on the ring and lotion in the tube. Normally, I used silicone lube all over. The baby oil is definitely more soothing going on, but I think the silicone is longer lasting. Also, the baby oil smells like…well, babies. Not super arousing. The reason I’m trying the different lubrication is that I notice the cage started to smell rather quickly after I put it on this time. The lube could be contributory or the piercing might be changing the chemistry down there. In any event, I’ll be baby-fresh for a few days to see what the difference is.

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