Piercing problem, part 2

So I had thought, since I was going to be in a room with a piercer and my pants were going to be down and all, that it might be a good time to stretch up to 6g from my original 8g. Um, no. Not only am I not wearing 6g now, I’m actually down a size to 10g.

Turns out in 24 hours my little hole got even littler. The piercer (a dude, not Jesika this time) tried to put a 8g taper in the hole and it hurt. I mean, really hurt. Not, “Ouch, that hurts!” More like a OHMYFUCKINGGODTHATHURTSGETITOUTOFME!! kind of hurt. I laid there, the 8g taper only half in, feeling the most excruciating, burning pain from the underside of my dick for 10 seconds…30 seconds…a minute. It never got any better. I tried to tell myself I like pain, especially attached to the dick, but no go. I couldn’t take it. So he put me in a 10g captive ball hoop which I will need to wear for about a month before trying to get back to 8g. Looks like 6g is a distant goal.

Oh, and my dick still hurts. Fuck.

2 Replies to “Piercing problem, part 2”

  1. Well, it sounds like it had already shrunk smaller than the 8 gauge, since you couldn’t put the jewelry back in, right?

    Patience and baby steps!

    and good jewelry! Make sure your jewelry is premium quality, precision machined so the threads mate well.

  2. Luckily, I was able to get the 8g ring in after a couple days. The hole did shrink up, but then stretched back out pretty quickly. Now I have a 10g ring and nothing to do with it…

    And yeah, the jewelry I get is premium. I either get it from St. Sabrina’s or TheChainGang.com. Good stuff.

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