Piercing problem

And then, as if I wasn’t in a bad enough mood, this happens.

Yesterday, in the early afternoon, I was sitting down to pee (don’t get me started) and one of the little metal balls from my PA’s curved barbell dropped into the toilet. Luckily, the bowl was fresh so I reached in to the very cold water and fished it out. Unfortunately, since I was locked up, there was no way for me to get the ball back on, so I fiddled around a bit and was able to get the jewelry off. I figured I’d get let out by Belle that evening and I’d replace it.

BUT, by the time I got around to it (less than eight hours later) I found the hole and shrunk such that there was no way I could get the 8g bar into it. I tried and tried. I mean, I really tried and eventually gave up for fear of hurting myself. I’m about to head off to Saint Sabrina’s to see if they can help me out. I know the hole isn’t closed entirely because it still drips when I pee.

So I’m laying there with Belle last night and the entire thing started to play on my newly enhanced insecurities. If I hadn’t been wearing the stupid fucking chastity device in the first place, I could have gotten the ball back on. If I hadn’t pierced my stupid fucking dick, I wouldn’t even have this problem. Why, oh why, does it all have to be so complicated? Why can’t I just have a nice, unpierced dick like all the other boys? And why do I want her to lock my cock up in the ugly plastic thing?

Please, don’t inturrupt my pity party. It’s almost time for cake.

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  1. You’re 100% correct. And, as it turns out, a big hunk of stainless hanging off the end of a cock is fucking hot. Amiright?

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