New bird on the block

Over on FetLife, I found out about a new chastity device on the market called the Birdlock made by a company called Novamedia. At least I think it’s new since Tickleberry just started carrying it and the manufacturer’s website appears to be fairly new. Why it’s called “Birdlock” is anyone’s guess. The company that makes it is from Switzerland so maybe it’s a translation thing (the site’s English copy looks like it was translated by a machine which is the only explanation for the page that says the Birdlock fits perfectly with the male face).

This device is interesting to me for a couple of reasons. First, it’s made of silicone, not polycarbonate like the CB-X000 devices or stainless steel like other trapped-ball devices. This should make the Birdlock significantly more comfortable to wear than my CB6K or a similar stainless device since it will give and stretch with movement. Another benefit of the silicone is that it would probably lead to less of a profile when worn beneath clothing. I’m assuming the tube would collapse and be less noticeable than the hard plastic of the CB6K. Additionally, it’s basically all one piece with a simple locking strap so it appears to be a lot less bulky and complicated than the CB6K (which has six separate pieces to assemble, not counting the lock). Fitting this should be a snap since it has no extra rings or spacers and obviously the issue with tube splitting would not be a factor for a single piece of silicone. Finally, all this simplicity seems to have helped make it one of the more inexpensive devices on the market (but not a lot cheaper than a careful shopper will pay for a CB6K).

On the downside, I wonder if the stretchiness would allow some manual stimulation to be felt through the tube. I can see how the device would reign in an erection (though more forgivingly than the CB6K), but, as I said on FetLife, one of the more interesting features of the hard tube is that it’s impossible to give oneself any kind of penile stimulation while wearing it (at least, once one has a hard-on). I can imagine the Birdlock would at least allow some pressure to be felt through the tube making a form of masturbation possible. This would not, in an of itself, be a show-stopper for me, but it would seem to remove one of the control and bondage features I appreciate in the CB6K. Novamedia trumpets the fact that, since it stretches, nocturnal erections are less likely to wake a wearer up in the middle of the night. When I first started wearing my device, this would have been a very welcome feature, but now I’ve come to appreciate this feeling. Once I wear it for a few days, I sleep right though them or only wake up a bit. Either way, there’s a security blanket-type thing I get from the feeling of the tube clamped around my meat that I would miss if the tube was too forgiving. Also, since it is basically a one-size-fits-all design, it’s possible it won’t fit some. I assume it will stretch enough for most guys, but if it’s too small, it won’t stretch smaller. This won’t be an issue for my totally average penis, but it may be for some. Finally, as anyone with a silicone iPod case can tell you, silicone can pick up a lot of dirt and discoloration through use, especially in lighter colors. I would be concerned about the clear and glow-in-the-dark(!) models discoloring after a while (a point I didn’t think of until Belle mentioned it). A nice thing about solid poly is you can make it very clean.

Chances are, I will eventually get one of these new Birdlocks. The potentially lower profile of the device and its simplicity outweigh the possible downsides enough that I should at least give it a try.

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  1. Interesting indeed. My chief concern is hygiene, as I’m not circumcised. In my CB2000 hygiene is no problem, but security is to some extent.
    Catwoman has ordered a Birdlock, and She and S2C have promised reports, so I’ll check with their experiences before ordering.

  2. Nope. Tried the CB3000 once, but it caused some chafing. Mostly however, I’m afraid it would be difficult to keep up my hygiene during long-term wear. Don’t want to waste my Wife’s time unlocking, keeping guard during cleansing, and locking again.

  3. I totally understand. Being circumcised myself, I’ve never thought of the issues someone with a whole penis would have with these devices. I can see how the 2000 would be a better bet for you (though I have to admit, the thing looks really uncomfortable).

  4. the name birdlock could be from the french who use the name bird to refer to the penis. It’s an expression which is kind of outdated except in some fancier … environments.

    Maybe the germans use the same word

  5. I have tested the new Birdlocked “Pico” and this device is interesting as it can make you really aware about your erections and you can simply forget trying to get some stimulation through the flexible silicone…

    I got mine from here:

    (BTW, she has an excellent advise and service)

    A new model with add-on Prince-Albert security cable is also proposed for the ones getting concerned with security.

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