Quick review: PA Security Cable

One of the reasons I got a Prince Albert piercing was because I wanted to make the CB-6000 more secure. I do not believe the device needs to be a lot more secure (for me, anyway) but the idea that it’s been made to be impossible to escape from is much hotter than knowing I could always slip out if I really and truly wanted to. (The other, and main, reason I got the PA is because I think it’s fucking hot to see stainless through the head of my dick. But that’s just me.)

The first step toward greater security is getting the hole made. Check. The second step is wearing a trapped-ball ring or other closed ring jewelry through the hole. Check. The third step is to acquire something like Kept For Her’s PA Security Cable. Triple check.

The cable, including shipping, costs ten dollars which hits the sweet spot of giving KFH an incredible amount of margin on each sale but not so much that you’d be bothered to go make something yourself. Ordering was a snap and they shipped and delivered it very quickly. The product itself is made from a short length of nylon-coated 1/16″ stainless steel cable with loops on each end affixed with brass ferrules. Very secure-feeling. The nylon coating makes the cable smooth to the touch and should, with wear, keep it from damaging the polycarbonate of the CB6K.

I got mine on Monday and immediately ran it though my ring and secured it in the lock. Here are some NSFW images (shot as demurely as possible so as to protect my delicate sensibilities) of the cable in action: through the lock, through the ring. Of course, the Achilles heel in this scheme is the ring. If you can push the ball out of the ring without tools, you can defeat the cable and, eventually, the entire device. KFH recommends a ball that’s too big to fit through the slot, which would enhance the security greatly. I can just get the ball out of my 8ga ring and it does fit through the slot, so I’d advise others to use 6ga or larger as those are more difficult to manipulate without tools and generally come with larger balls. I am planning on going to 6ga eventually (and maybe even 4ga), so I guess I’ll find out.

A bigger issue for me than my ring, though, was comfort. KFH says on their site, “This cable is totally comfortable to wear, you won’t even know it’s there.” I found that when my penis was extended and its head was up against the slot, their claim is true. However, my dick likes to move around in there and will sometimes retract about half way up the tube. When secured by the cable, this is impossible. It places a steady stress on the piercing which, at first, wasn’t too painful, but after 2.5 hours I found to be unbearable. This may be due to my hole not being fully healed (though I think it is). It may also be due to the jewelry being too thin at 8ga. I’ll try again at 6ga and see if there’s a difference.

Bottom line, based on my experience, I cannot reccomend the PA Security Cable. However, the concept of it is still incredibly hot and I would love to hear the experiences of those who have tried it and found it to be wearable.

12 thoughts on “Quick review: PA Security Cable

  1. What if you put the loop at the end of the cable onto the PA ring itself, and then closed it with the ball? Then only a single strand need to hang through the cage, and you could have more slack.

    Also, why not consider looping an elastic through, instead of the cable? Again, more “give” might be more comfy and less irritating.

  2. Wait a sec. Is it possible I’m doing it wrong? I put the cable on the outside of the tube (as my pictures show). I wonder if I should put the cable on the *inside* and instead of fixing it to the lock tried putting the loops around the locking pin? The cable’s not too flexible since it’s somewhat thick and covered in nylon, so I’m not sure it’d make much difference. I wonder if my presupposition about how it worked overrode my eyes when I read the instructions. I’m getting out tonight, so I’m not sure I’ll have time to try out my idea. Now that I think about it, it seems to make more sense than the way I did it…

    The elastic idea is one I’ve noodled with after hearing about your experimentation with it, but something that I could conceivably defeat without tools doesn’t trip my trigger as much as the steel cable does (plus, *come on* wiring your meat to a steel cable is way sexier than a rubber band). Your experimentation with elastic was inside the tube, correct? I seem to remember you saying you were going to write that up (but I’ll forgive you for not since you’ve been in pain and all ;)).

  3. I think that the assumption is that the ring would be large enough in diameter to extend past the slot, so that the cable really is still on the outside. I always wondered about that – shrinkage from the cold is a big factor up in New England – and no less so in your neighborhood.

    So, that said – how about one loop attached to the PA and the other end hanging through the cage and looped up to the lock?

    I still don’t know how y’all pee with a PA, let alone a PA in a plastic tube. I think that I’m sticking with my new KSD-G3.

  4. OK, so I checked the instructions and I was doing it right.

    At this point, I honestly don’t understand how it’ll ever not bother me, though a larger gauge might help.

    Peeing with the PA takes extra attention, but is totally possible (as long as getting your hands a little wet doesn’t freak you out). Peeing with a PA in a plastic tube depends heavily on gravity…if ya know what I mean.

  5. Speaking of which, I often wonder about guys sneaking a curious glance at the guy next to him. I’ve learned to be very discreet, but holding a square of tissue or paper towel under it to catch drips is a must for me, and I’m wondering if one day somebody will ask about it.

  6. Hey! Although this thread is nearly three years old, I cannot go past saying that I had the EXACT same experience as you with the PA cable!!! It irritated the hell out of me and I hated the actual cable, as opposed to loving the idea of the extra security! I always thought the rigidity of the cable was a big drawback. So…. my solution was to use an old silver necklace I had!! I cut the necklace and threaded the small ring from the end of the chain that originally went into the hasp into the new, cut end. I then soldered the rings at each end to secure them. I looped it through my PA and put the loops through the lock! Voila!

    It is VERY flexible so does not cause the irritation problems of the stiffer cable. It is also much more adjustable. If the length is wrong, I can simply loop the chain around itself, thus shortening it! And, of course, do the opposite to lengthen!

    Long term, the silver does tarnish and I am currently on my second incarnation of the chain! The first one snapped after a combination of being wound too tight (d’oh!) and I suspect the constant presence of uric acid from pee. However, I find this a small price to pay for the comfort and security – I can only defeat the chain if I cut it. How would I explain THAT to my KH…?

    I would LOVE to use my PA site to secure a chastity device, but my wife loves what the the captive bead ring does during sex! So it stays on! Until we/she decides otherwise that is!!!

    Hope this story is to your interest!

    With the absolute kindest regards


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