Patented erection protection

I somehow ended up on “Mistress Lori’s World of Chastity” (AKA, the site that sells Lori’s tubes), and noticed a nifty little thing I had not seen before. It appears to be a thin stainless rod bent in such a way as to fit under and down the tube of a CB-3000 or 6000 in order to hook into a PA ring. It’s ingenious. At first, I couldn’t imagine what would keep me from just slipping it off, but then I remembered, “Oh yeah, I have testicles.” Anyway, I’d love one of these little gizmos, but they’re selling them for $100. American. Seriously. Well, good luck with that, Lori.

The other thing that I found interesting was this little piece of text placed not once but twice on the page:

All of the piercing jewelry that you see on our pages are a patent or patent pending. The entire concept of securing piercing jewelry device by the means of any piercing is protected under one or more patents or patent rights belonging to either Lori Lancer or Lancer Enterprises.

Patent or copyright infringement will not be tolerated. 6/9/97

Wow. So all those guys on the web with expensive little bent wires meant to keep wieners stuffed down tubes aren’t just copycats but actual patent thieves?! I wandered over to Google’s patent search site and looked for “Lori Lancer”, “Lancer Enterprises”, and “male chastity piercing”. Nothing. Nada. I can’t find any patents on chastity security (though to be fair, I only looked for about three minutes and, as I’ve said, I’m not a lawyer). Not saying Lori’s site is lying, but I couldn’t find anything.

In my searching, I did find an interesting little nugget: A. Frank Miller’s CB-6000 patent. I’m guessing that by the time the 6000 came out, there was enough cash flowing in from the business that patent protection made sense for them. In any event, it’s kinda cool to see the thing that brings me so much frustration described in detailed legalese.

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  1. Hi,

    A while ago I bent a 1.8mm stainless steel rod to fit inside my Gerecke and pass through my frenum piercing, the proximal end was looped to fit around the locking post. It worked very effectively as an anti-pull out device. So I made a similar rod for my CB6000. That too worked. I think I posted about it somewhere.

    However there were problems. Much more so with the CB6000. Erections pressed into the rod and at times the tissue between the rod and cage would get pinched. The free space inside a CB6000 is pretty limited. Also it interfered with urination through the slot which is already tricky enough. I abandoned it as unworkable for long term use.

    I suspect a PA piercing restraint rod wold pinch less but still have similar problems.

    My current anti-pullout 3mm rod goes over the top of my Gerecke and through the holes at the end to pass through a captive segment ring through my frenum piercing. That works and is very comfortable. It even looks good.

    I suspect the AL Enterprises patent is reasonably sound, I saw it a while back, since the ring mechanism does contain novel and innovative features.

    As for the claims on the Lori’s tube site about patents, well over the years there has, at times, been a significant quantity of bullshit on that site. Wouldn’t surprise me if the claims are just empty words. Even if she obtained patents related to piercings and locking there is way too much published prior art to make them stand up in a Court.

    I am sure I, and others, are quite safe from patent suits with bent stainless steel rods.



  2. I have no idea if lori has a patint on her products. But I garity nobody makes a finner high quality device period! And security is un matched by any otherdevice company or belt manufacturer I would put money on it! That being sed nothing is unescapeabel but a belt is easy to cut even with heavy tin snips. Try cuting a lori#12D with bars off. U arnt going to use apower tool steel is to thick and tight in all areas. U could try and drill lock its gona get hot and god forbid the bit breaks and u drill your self with left over bit in drill as you r pushing drill bit gets to PA pin woo hoo hot rod! If u r serious get a lori if u r not sure don’t get one!!! Or u might be bumming out wishing 4 your plastic toy so u can pull out and wank it. After it really hits u that it ant comein off and its real steel u can’t just get off in a snap….. Ya be sure u r ready no matter how much u think u want it oh man 3 months I garinty u will find your self lookin at it thinkin this cant bee hold on if I think about it I can figuer it out. But its not gona happen panic sucks! So be sure u want all the ride not just till u don’t like it one evening. If ur wife talks to lori verey much during ordering hand your key over with casion. Loris pruducts r the best in the world bar none a fine pice of custom hand made jewlery u will fall in love with and last more than a life time. Not a polycarbonite toy. That’s the truth. Toys r fun to I’m not bashing other products they all have a place. And some belts work if u can handel them got remove to clean and I don’t know about u b I’m a trucker and when I bend over 9 outa ten tims I’m showin ass crack with out thinkin. “Hay dude what’s that around ur waist?” Oops busted card night with the bros just got funner at ur expense. Idnk each to his own. And have fun that’s what its about any way right.

  3. I have purchased a Lori tube device. I can tell you, save your money for something else. It was a nightmare.
    I purchased a #8. It arrived and was totally the wrong size. (My wife and I did follow her measurement directions, which she accused me of not doing).

    She does not give you the option of refitting with out a repurchase.

    My review:
    1. The device is super heavy. It would not be practical to wear even if it did fit.
    2. Lori Tubes are increadibly expensive.
    3. You will end up paying twice the expensive listed price if you do her back and forth of fitting.
    4. Lori was very rude and unwilling to work with me.


    1. I’ve heard similar stories from others regarding Lori, but there are others (like Sarah Jameson) who think she’s the bee’s knees. Personally, I think her designs aren’t that great and I’ve heard enough very negative stories (like yours) to pretty much assure I’d never get one her devices.

  4. Over the years I’ve seen good and bad accounts of people’s experiences with almost every specialist chastity device maker.

    I suspect any small business making custom items requiring considerable craftsmanship will have problems of delays and production at times.

    Measuring is also a problem. It’s not as if one’s penis is a fixed size, or even two fixed sizes. The flaccid penis can decide, for reasons of it’s own, to be shorter and fatter or longer and thinner at different times.

    My impression is that over the last few years there have been fewer new bad accounts concerning Lori’s devices than there were once and more good and positive accounts.

    I’ve been wanting to upgrade to something more secure and suitable for longer term wear for a while. I’d love to go for a Tollyboy but alas my job makes than unsuitable for now. So a while back I did a lot of browsing and reading and came up with a short list of two devices. I emailed a number of questions to the two companies about measuring and related issues. Lori was the only one that answered.

    Her answer was fast, detailed and helpful. Based on that and especially on Sarah Jameson’s postings I have ordered a #2D.

    I was thinking of the #2C at first but Lori suggested the #2D as being the same price, with removable piercing and thus providing the option of use with a piercing in the future if I decided to get one.

    Lori also told me up front, before I ordered, that her workshop is backed up with orders and I would have a ninety day wait.

    In the past the sales pitch on her site, being very much directed at a certain subset of male submissives and a particular style of female dominance, was off putting to me. However a lot of what I found not to my taste has been removed over time. I think she has seen that nowadays a lot more people are involved in chastity play that is based on a wider range of dynamics and relationship models. I see that as a positive sign.

    This is going to be a gift for Claire, admittedly a somewhat self serving gift except that we both enjoy the games we play, she likes the look of the device, and the device being hers will, I think, add interestingly to the dynamics of our games.
    I suspect people who have bad experiences with any manufacturer are more likely to share them than those who have satisfactory, good or even great experiences. That makes it very hard to judge what the true picture might be.

    Still, I will in a few months be in a position to post my experiences.

    Putting aside third party accounts so far all I am in a position to say, from first hand experience, is that communication has been excellent. Both my initial email and follow up email were answered very quickly and the answers were actual answers to the questions I asked and very helpful.

    If you wish I’ll keep you updated of developments.



  5. To copy something or anything for your own use only is to myknowledge not an infringement of anyone copyright or patent related rules. Making one for someone else for cost only or alternatively as a gift is …I think… ok too.

    I’m pretty sure that anything other than that although considered wrong and usually illegal many Western or 1st world countries you can do with apparent impunity if you are based in the right one of some other countries, mostly in what Westerners call the Far East.

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