Did you know universally beloved sex advice columnist Dan Savage had two – count ’em – two T&D/chastity-related questions in two weeks? As he said, it’s a trend!

The first question dealt with penis desensitizing and can be found here. The second involves the eternal question of denial and prostate health and can be found here (after the question from the lady who’s husband likes to fuck around).

I hope next to hear them talking about this on the View. A guy can dream, can’t he?

3 Replies to “Savage”

  1. I perfer to be on the side of caution. As a result I make sure that the prostate liquids do get “ejected” or at least dripping once or twice a week. It is not a climax, but is a step toward good health or so I hope.

  2. Boy Toy and I were discussing just that this weekend, that kink is a lot more accepted than it used to be. Boy Toy says it used to be that if you mentioned fetish, people immediately imagined masks and something really hardcore, wild, like “you do THAT?!” sort of thing. It’s better, now. And he joked around, saying in 100 years, kink will be regarded as normal bedroom games and as healthy. I’m thinking he’s right, but I’m betting for much sooner than 100 years 😉

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