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bretts_junkWhen I’m packing the plastic, I often feel as though people are looking at my crotch all the time. I can’t be sure if they really are checking out my package (which certainly can appear more pronounced depending on the pants I’m wearing and the position of the encased meat beneath) or if I’m just more aware of normal dick checking that happens all the time. Turns out, if you’re a guy (even a purportedly straight one), you are dick checking. Like, all the time.

According to an eye-tracking study from 2007, men nearly always looked at George Brett’s crotch when given a chance while women didn’t. In fact, when presented with pictures from the American Kennel Club’s site, men checked out doggie dicks, too. Pervs.

My take-away from this is two-fold. One, men are dick obsessed (and not just with their own – I know, not the biggest shocker ever unearthed). Two, men probably aren’t checking me out more when I’m in chastity, but any women I catch sneaking a peek probably are.

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  1. I look at dicks all the time, personally. Especially on baseball players! (LOL.) I didn’t realize I was so atypical. I am, of course, discreet, the way people generally are when they check each other out, but even with men I have no interest in, like coworkers, I like to check things out, try to see how they are arranged, etc.

  2. I think I have been doing this to other guys more since I started to be chaste.

    Not because I am horny or anything, but because I keep wondering who else is in a D/s relationship.

    I look around me at the railway station and think ‘chances are that another one of these guys hasn’t come on forever and is probably wearing a guard’.

    I guess that makes me dick-check more than normal.

  3. Ohmygosh, I can’t believe I’m being a party pooper but this really makes the scientist in me sizzle. I’ve seen this report and what it reveals is the misandrous nature of the media. There is a difference in the male gaze as to the female but it is not about genitalia. Males scan the whole torso from the face to the hips and back again whereas women – only the face – at first. Women do it just as much as men they just do it later (when the scanner doesn’t show but other studies do) and at about 1/100th of the speed. This isn’t because women are cunning or sly or any other thing. It is because males are the first line of defense, and we are wired to attack immediately. Hence know your enemy. This is pretty common throughout the mammalian animal hierarchy. The scanner isn’t picking up the continuous path of the eye as it tracks, just the destination points. I really wish reporters would leave science alone.

    If I sound a bit gruff I apologize. It’s probably because I’m not in a chastity device yet and haven’t learned to mind my manners as well as I should.(sigh) (but I think there is a chance!)

    It does seem to do wonders in that regard. Thumper’s last post about not minding if someone sees a lump might just be an example. For a moment I was feeling Thumper was almost saying he might be proud to explain Belle holds the keys in their relationship. It has me thinking. .. dare I hope to see a smile on my girlfriend’s face one day because I am likewise – ready for public acknowledgement of the arrangement – because damn it, I am proud of her?.

    Isn’t it right to say I’m locked and denied by my girlfriend – I’m proud of her and we are very happy.

    Right now that shouts devotion (positive) if you know better – and pussywhipped (negative) if you don’t understand. And really – we know better, don’t we?

  4. I am just really curious, why the Kennel Club, ( or the researchers using their pics, ) suddenly decided to ee if guys were looking at doggie dicks! Umm, what were they thinking?

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