A while back, I got a PA security cable from Kept For Her. As I said at the time, I couldn’t wear it due to the stress it put on my piercing by keeping the cock fully extended to the end of the CB6K’s tube. However, the thought of finding a way to make my incarceration undefeatable has stuck with me. Actually, it’s less of a thought and more of an obsession.

But why? I’ve taken umbrage against those who feel the need to have a perfectly secure way to lock up cocks. I’ve said, and still feel, the number one most effective security device when it comes to controlling the orgasms of any man in between his ears. Everything else is just window dressing. I don’t need my chastity device to keep from coming, but I like wearing it for other reasons (mostly having to do with my bondage kink). So no, I haven’t remained obsessed with higher security chastity because I can’t be controlled, but because I find it incredibly fucking hot.

As I mentioned, the biggest problem I found with KFH’s cable is that it held my captive ball ring in place way down at the end of the CB6K, even when the cock it was pierced through wanted to move up and down the tube. Normal penis movement is managed through the contraction and release of a ligament, so it can really start to pull and get very uncomfortable. Any man who’s been in a CB-X000 device knows his meat shortens and lengthens leaving the tube sometimes full (even without an erection) and sometimes only half-full (or even less).

So I wondered what would happen if the cable used to secure the ring were longer and could withdraw into the tube as the penis it was tending pulled back. Since the KFH’s cable is too thick to bend, I, in my very best imitation of Tom Allen, took off to my local Home Depot.

Man, how many pictures are you trying to hang, anyway?
Man, how many pictures are you trying to hang, anyway?

I procured two options, both in the picture hanging section. The first is called “invisible wire” and is basically a thick plastic filament. The other is 30 lbs. coated picture wire. I was unwilling to open either package in the store to find out their bendability, so decided to buy them both. Upon opening the invisible wire, I found it to be very stiff – even stiffer than than the KFH cable. There’s no way it would be able to go up the tube. The coated picture wire, though, was very bendable. Not so flexible that it would, all by itself, bend through the CB6K’s slot as the penis pulled it back, but it’s very good at holding a bend and isn’t too thick to fit inside the slot.


The other thingamajig I picked up were aluminum ferrules to secure the loops on each end that hook on to the padlock. The KFH cable uses thinner brass ferrules to secure their loops, but I couldn’t find those at Home Depot. I would have preferred them since they’re quite a bit thinner than the aluminum ones I got, but the Home Depot version isn’t so much bigger that it makes much difference.

The KFH cable, it turns out, is about the right length for what I wanted. At first, I assumed I’d need something longer, but all that extra cable just gets caught and otherwise in the way. My second attempt was almost exactly the same length as KPH’s design. I threaded the cable through the ferrules, and then back through them again to make a loop, crimped them shut with Vice Grips, and cut off the excess. When inserted through my PA’s 6ga segment ring and bent around the ring so it’s able to enter the slot and extend into the tube by about half an inch, it’s just about perfect. When the dick moves down or I’m hard, the cable slides out. When the dick retracts, the cable slides in. I hardly know it’s there. Total cost, less than $5.

Now, the CB6K is absolutely secure. There’s no way whatsoever for me to defeat it, short of cutting the wire and then pulling out. Since I’m only at day two of my current stint, I haven’t felt that urge to claw at the device yet, but I can already feel little electric thrills run through me when I stop and consider there’s no way to get it off.

Yeah, that’s hot.

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