Dreaming of steel

The San Quentin of trapped-ball chastity devices
The San Quentin of trapped-ball chastity devices

My severe horniness combined with my dopey sleepiness has left me fairly unproductive today. Surfing through my collection of chastity and denial sites finds me again and again at the Steelworxx website. Why? Because, for the 124th time, I’m pricing out the stainless beauty to the right.

For the record, I want the Steelheart, sized about the same as my CB-6000, with an integrated lock and PA fixing. That’ll set me back €296…which, I think, is something like Monopoly money. I’m not sure. Oh, I see. According to Google, at this moment in time, €296 equals $393. That’s a lot of cabbage.

I like the Steelheart for a few reasons. One, it’s designed using a simple aesthetic; natural curve, super-clean lines, and a single hole for urination. IMO, so much more beautiful than the CB6K’s logic-puzzlesque look. Two, I have a well-known fetish for stainless steel. Three, I like that when it’s worn it doesn’t appear to cover the penis as much as it appears to have replaced it with a shiny steel prosthetic. At least in a CB6K you can still be connected with Mr. Winky through the convenient visitor’s window-like plastic. With the Steelheart, your little man is doing hard time in solitary. Über. Fucking. Hot. (I’ve been doing that period-between-each-word thing a lot lately, haven’t I?) Finally, with the added option of an integrated lock, the entire package ends up being less bulky than the CB6K by a long shot. I’d also imagine it would be more comfortable for Belle when I spoon (and, occasionally, grind) into her.

The reviews (here, here, here, here, oh hell, just search Google) all seem to be universally positive. Now if I can only talk Belle into getting it for me. Hey, father’s day is coming up! What says to dad how much you love him better than a stainless steel cock prison!?

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  1. If you’re very, very good to me in April and May Thumper, you may have a shot at the silver bullet 🙂 Perhaps, once we pay for all the summer camps and classes for the kiddies….and if the Obama administration keeps surging, the exchange rate might bloody benefit us for the first time in a while. It is definitely sexier than that clinical thing you wear right now. Keep wiping those counters, folding that laundry, bringing me flowers, making my coffee and giving me excellent massages….you might just get there.

    1. Ooh, the lovely Belle Fille. How nice to read/meet the owner of thumper. You have a wonderful man there M’Lady and he obviously adores you.

      Hat tip to you both.

  2. If you’re very, very good to me in April and May Thumper…

    There you have it folks. I have a goal!

    I stil think Steelwerks makes the sexiest stainless steel…

    Yes, they make stunning devices. But, as you point out, they’re wickedly expensive. Also, their devices have a different aesthetic. Bigger, bulkier, multipiece. I actually prefer the simplicity of the Steelheart.

  3. It looks gorgeous, but you know it wont be any more secure than the plastic one. You can slip out the back, you will be disappointed I think.

    My Neosteel is ultra secure, but cant be worn for more than a few days, max. Great to go out to a fetish party, but disappointing in that it doesnt allow that secure lifestyle to be had.

  4. As long as it’s no less secure than the CB6K, I’ll be OK with it. My desire for ultra security has more to do with satisfying my bondage and control kinks than it has to do with my *need* for additional security.

  5. I have a Steelheart on pretty much 24/7 these days – it’s 250g so about 200g heavier than CB-. Fairly easy to pull out of as it is, but I also use their standard steel collar for which I have a mod with a link to connect it to main locking pin, now really impossible escape, but still OK for cleaning/lube with q-tips etc. They do other options for locking and also for those with PA piercings. My device of choice for over a year now.

      1. That does sound pretty ingenious. So the collar goes around your dick? How is it, unconnected like yours, supposed to decrease pull-out?

        Have you ever worn a CB6K? Is so, how more/less secure is it compared to that?

  6. Yes that’s right. Unconnected it just makes pulling out a bit less easy to do, simply by reducing the available space. I have a CB3K with KSD which got too sore but was virtually inescapable, not tried the latest KSD which may be better. Will try that next opportunity, as plastic CB is still backup for “no-metal” situations. Meantime the configuration I have now is just as secure I think. Less bulge under clothes than the plastic ones too. Does need good underwear support though.

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