PA cable project est morte

I put a bullet in the head of the brief-yet-storied PA cable project this morning. I cut the fucker off as soon as I got out of bed. At least for how I’m configured, I can’t see any way a cable through my PA ring will ever work as a permanent security measure. It’s just too painful, in the supernotsexy way. Either the ring is pulling on the piercing or the cable itself is poking into the spongy tissue of the penis head or pinching my scrotum or whatever. Maybe if you’re the kind of guy who’s flaccid state is on the longer side (a shower rather than a grower), it’d work. But if you’re like me and often see the resting version of your little buddy only filling about 60% of the CB6K tube, I think it’s a no go.

Belle unlocked me before she left for work so I could install the smaller A ring and the KSD-G3. I took the opportunity to clean myself and the device, shave, etc. As I withdrew the penis from the tube, I saw gobs of clear, thick fluid. And it just kept coming. I was careful not to handle the merchandise any more than necessary (I didn’t even get an erection), but the precum just kept leaking and leaking. I don’t know – maybe a tablespoon? It was crazy. Even now, 90 minutes later, I can feel little burps of the stuff oozing out every once in a while. So, uh, yeah. I’d say I’m pretty focused at the moment.

Anyway, I’m way over trying to wire the device to myself and am now content with having a pretty secure device as opposed to a totally secure one.

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  1. Whew. I like almost all of the chastity stuff but can’t stand to read about piercings, especially when you try to attach them to things!

    Not that my little squick feelings have anything at all to do with your situation, but still.

  2. Oh, man, the thing that squicks me out is using nothing but piercings *as* a method of enforcing chastity.

    Hooking a PA to a guiche…*shudder*. Yikes.

  3. Oh, and BTW, if the story you read involved infibulation on a dude and was, you know, dirty, then I’d like to read that story, too. If it was a true-life story about some poor teenage girl being mutilated due to cultural issues, no thanks. That’d only depress me.

  4. Oh yes, it was a dude, and it was dirty. It’s M/m and it’s by an author was writes a bunch of really, really long somewhat realistic enslavement stories. Unfortunately I totally lost track of her name and website. I need to track that down sometime.

  5. Apparently proper infibulation just involves the foreskin, but in the story I read I think the guy’s whole cock was basically stitched down to his scrotum or perineum (not sure which or how exactly). I could be wrong, but that was how it read to me. There was a lot of stitchery.

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