Again this morning with the clear precum leaking out of me. There was a healthy glob of it collected in the end of the tube when I first got out of bed. I cleaned that out, but as I walked around I felt it dripping down my pajama-clad legs all morning. I am now cruising on a wave of sexual frustration equal to anything I’ve experienced before.

Last night, Belle allowed me to give her a foot massage. I stripped and kneeled at her feet. In that position, naked while she was clothed, exposing the chastity device to her clearly (something that I’m still occasionally self conscious about) left me feeling profoundly submissive and the device fully packed and straining. She made a few comments about how good I looked and what a nice job I was doing and that only compounded the feeling. I’ve said before I don’t have any kind of foot fetish, but when I’m in that spot and she’s in the mood she was in last night, I want to kiss and lick her feet – to worship her in that most classic of submissive positions. It was all wonderfully powerful stuff.

Then she wanted a back massage, but not the simple neck-rub-through-the-shirt variety. I was using oil on her naked back. Placing towels under her at the start and being presented with glimpses of her naked breasts made my mouth water. Running my hands over and across her oiled and fragrant skin, kneading her muscles, as I straddled her ass and the device rested in the crack of her ass…nirvana. I gave her the best massage I could, working up a sweat in the process. When she had had enough, I was floating in a sea of sub energy. I felt so relaxed, so content, so happy being there with her, serving her, giving her pleasure. She told me I was a good man and all I could say in response was that I was all hers.

Of course I was unbelievably horny. There had been a constant pressure in the tube from the moment she had me undress, but I didn’t feel any urgency about it. It’s just how I am now. I could have made my feelings known by grinding into her or whining or moaning or some other now-forbidden activity, but I didn’t do any of that. I said I was going to let go of trying to maneuver her towards sex and I have. And, it turns out, there’s a kind of zen that comes from that. It’s like enjoying a fireworks show. You ooh and aah as it comes and just lay there and enjoy the experience. That’s where I was last night: wanting her badly, but feeling no need to try to dictate what happened next.

Which, I expected, would be sleep. She had already fallen asleep earlier putting our daughter to bed and was supremely relaxed from the all the rubbing. In that ubersub headspace, I would have felt zero disappointment or resentment. All I wanted was to please her and make her know how grateful I was to have the chance to do so. But, to my surprise (twice in one week with the surprises), she pulled out Pink, the little vibe that could, and wordlessly handed it to me. I was given the opportunity to perform my third act of service of the evening.

This morning, I’m still glowing (and leaking). I am a very happy bunny and I love my Belle Fille.

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  1. Wonderful account. Now _my_ tube is full and leaking. i want to write more on my blog about the pleasure i get from serving my P, the evenings like you describe here. When my P was able to enjoy my attention(s) as your Belle did, feeling no need to reciprocate, that was a signal moment in the shift in our marriage.

  2. Now _my_ tube is full and leaking.

    No higher praise! Glad you liked it.

    I enjoy the accounts you post on your blog, but agree that something like this – something a little softer? – would be a nice addition.

    And I agree that those moments where my desire for sexual gratification is totally subsumed by an even stronger desire to please her are the most satisfying (for both of us, I think). I’m not perfect by a long shot in this regard, but I am working on it and getting much better. Last night may have been the most pure of all the submissive experiences I’ve enjoyed thus far.

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