The results are in!

OK, that about wraps it up for the reader survey. Here’s how it turned out:

Gender: Perhaps unsurprisingly, just under 70% of you are men. I do wish there were more women reading, though I can’t say why.

Age: The most-represented age group is 24-35 (33%). 36-45 and 46-55 tied with 24% each and 11% are 56-65. The remainder are either under 24 or over 65.

Kink: Again unsurprising, almost half of you identify as “submissive”. The next largest group was “dominant” with “switch” and “curious” following closely behind. “Top” and “bottom” were not often chosen. One of you said you weren’t kinky (Belle?).

Kinkiness: On a scale of one to ten where ten is really kinky and one is not at all kinky, the average score was 6.7 while the most popular score was 8. I would have guessed the average would have been higher, but maybe that’s because some people don’t count FLR/femdom as a kink? I dunno. Two people said they were tens, but no one scored themselves below three.

Gayness: On the Kinsey Scale, the average score was 1.29. A fairly straight bunch, you are. In fact, the most popular score was one followed by zero. That was almost 80% of you. No other selection broke 10%. This means I’m gayer than most of you.

Content: The most popular content on the blog is that which describes “chastity/denial’s effects on Thumper’s emotional and physical state”. I guess that’s good since, you know, it’s the entire fucking purpose of the blog. 😉 Second most popular was stuff about my relationship with Belle followed closely by accounts of submissive behavior. Also good since they feature prominently. “Geeky descriptions of chastity mechanics” was fairly divisive, but that’s too bad. It ain’t going anywhere.

Frequency: A lot of you visit a couple times a week, though just as many visit daily or more than once a day. You are my people.

Comments: Several of you left comments, nearly universally positive. Garsh, thanks. Here’s a few that stood out.

Any strap-on action in your future?

Your lips (fingertips?) to god’s ear, my friend. I’d be happy pitching or catching in that scenario, but so far she’s holding out. I’m focusing my resources on talking her into letting me drive, but progress has been slow. She sneakily suspects it’d be better for me than her. What’s so bad about it being good for both of us?

I greatly enjoy your writing style and find myself rooting for you.

That made me laugh out loud. Rooting for me? Well, thanks! I appreciate it.

Rotten little thief

Sorry, that’s just some bitter girl I know who has her own blog. Very unseemly.

It is a nice read. I disagree with a few things written but I guess that is the point.

Well, heck, that’s what the comments are for! I’ve said about myself that I’m often wrong, but never in doubt. Please feel free to share an alternate POV whenever you have one.

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. You write (at crazy lengths) about so many of the thoughts I’ve had and struggled with over the years with my wife. Having said that, here’s my (completely unsolicited) advice: as exciting as you may find it, no relationship can work without care and focus from all participants. Belle has to care about your needs too, and she has to stop using the excuse of pressure it places upon her. Well, duh: putting energy into a relationship sometimes involves thought and work. Hopefully, you (and I) can find reasonable expectations from our wives (and vice versa) that we can then all put love and energy into meeting. Good luck, and hard work, to us all!

I think Belle’s putting a lot of energy into the relationship. She definitely cares about my needs. I hope I’m not making it sound otherwise. Finding our way through these strange and difficult woods has taken a lot of time, patience, and understanding on both our parts. I hope you and your wife can find the path, too.

Thanks to everyone who particiapted (except for the guy who said he was screwing with my curve – Fuck you, I deleted your answers!). I don’t plan on changing anything based on what I heard, but it was fun to find out some things that I’ve wondered about.

14 Replies to “The results are in!”

  1. Just for the record, it wasn’t me that WASN’T KINKY. Not that I’m dreaming about goats or anything during the day but I did identify myself as a DOMINANT. Which the recent posts indeed verify that I am. So there….

  2. OK, fine, but I happen to know you only put yourself as a three on the kinky scale (this, the woman who’s idea it was to put Icy Hot on my balls).

    Also, TOM! You’re alive! Good to see you.

    Dev, did you post your results? I didn’t see that…

    1. And a very proud 3 I am. Not to mention, if I were a teacher, I would be very unlikely to ever give anyone an A. So maybe a 3 on my scale has a relative higher value. You know I hold myself and the world to a pretty high standard. You just don’t ever settle for average.

  3. Dev, did you post your results? I didn’t see that…

    Never mind, just saw ’em.

    Belle, you’re a cute little three. Remember, “sweet hints of kinkiness”?

  4. I’m alive. I’ve just had other things more pressing to deal with lately than sex.

    No, nobody died.

    That, plus I’m doing some major computer overhaul in the Edge household. I’ve been keeping an eye on things, though. Oh, and that really was me screwing with the answers. 🙂
    Dev, I played it straight on yours, though.

    Belle, I’m very impressed that you took the time not only to post, but to actually get your own log-in name. Maybe you could talk to Mrs. Edge…

  5. Sorry! I missed your survey!

    I am female, dominant and would rate my kinkiness around an 8.5 (though my partner/slave would say 9.5). I am completely bi an I read you every new post if I am able. I enjoy your reaction to your chastity and the changing relationship between you and Belle.

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