poster2One of the things that bugs me about the CB-6000 is the joints between the ring parts and how they very neatly grab and pull pubic hair. I find myself sitting a lot in my job and, depending on how tight my underwear or pants are, my pubes will get caught and pulled hard enough to hurt like fuck but not hard enough to actually pull them out (which is good, I guess).

Debate on this subject is varied. Maymay says trim, don’t shave. I’ve also read on Aarkey’s FAQ that some prefer to keep it long. I can’t stand long, untrimmed pubes, so that’s out. Normally, I keep them about as long as Maymay suggests (around a centimeter), but that’s how I’m also finding myself getting caught. So, for this stint in the device, I decided to NOT follow Maymay’s advice and try a method I’ve seen a few men use via their obligatory online chastity shots.1

Basically, what I’ve done is shave an area about an inch wide all the way around the ring of the CB6K. I didn’t really start out going for an inch, but I kept trying to make it even and eventually just found myself there (yet another piece of advice from Seinfeld that I ignored). After a whole day in grown-up pants and my tightest underwear, I can report that I had NO discomfort around the top part of the ring at all. Normally, I’d be pretty sore up there and even red and irritated, but not today. Smooth as a baby’s butt and no pulling. I’ll have to see how it goes as it starts to grow out. Maymay warns of irritation as the ring interacts with the new hair and the shaving necessary to maintain it. If it all goes horribly wrong, I’ll come back here and tell you all about it.

Regardless, I’m not letting my pubes get bushy, I don’t care how bad it hurts when packing the plastic.

1 BTW, WTF is up with that? Does every guy in chastity think I or anyone wants to see yet another goddamned schlong locked up in a CB-x000? Seriously, the web is littered with these things. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all (but I do award bonus points for the guys in pink lacy underwear, stockings, or any type of French maid’s dress). And, oh by the way, I see one every fucking day on me. And yeah, I know, I use a variation on the theme up there in this site’s header, but the composition is very different. Personally, I’d much rather see guys in full belts or steel trapped-ball devices or anything exotic and stainless over one more pink sausage squished into a polycarbonate tube. Then again, had they not posted those shots I’d never had seen their hair management technique. So yeah, OK. Shutting up.

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  1. :laughs:

    I used to get a lot of requests from guys who wanted to see pictures of me locked up. Dude – my junk is squooshed into a freakin’ plastic tube – it looks exactly like your junk. What’s the point?

    Oh, and I shave at least an inch up, and as much around the perimeter as I can. And my balls. No sense in looking stupid, right?

  2. Some men seem to really enjoy posting pictures of their cocks anywhere and in any state. I’m not sure whether it’s that men have a thing for cocks (nothing wrong with that) or because they think other people (men? women?) really want to look at cocks.

    I love my partner’s cock, and sometimes when I see a guy naked I really like the cock (not because he has a special cock but just because it’s included and part of sex), but generally a picture of just a cock is boring and borderline gross.

    I was once getting to know someone from an online dating service and he sent me a picture he had taken of a woman sucking his cock. Why??

    Aaaaaand…I have now exceeded my quota for using the word “cock” for this week.

  3. Pictures of penises locked in chastity devices is the exact same thing as any other cock-shot as far as I’m concerned. To be blunt, I rather enjoy cock shots when I am in a pornographically inclined mood for them. Surabaya Jim has become one of my favorite photo blogs for that reason. So, in much the same way, I do enjoy looking at pictures of penises locked in chastity devices. What I don’t understand is the incredible overabundance of these kinds of pictures in comparison to the miniscule number of photographs of other sorts, like the ones I keep trying to find and post at

    Also, please do let us know how the shaving works for you. I think one of the biggest reasons that advice is so mixed is because skin, especially sensitive skin in the pubic region, reacts so differently on different people. I have pretty sensitive skin so shaving constantly is a really, really big nuisance for me.

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