Pink punishment

I have been punished. Well, at least I feel like I’ve been punished.

Last night, Belle said I was going to rub her feet, which is all well and good and very expected since she just had a pretty terrific orgasm the night before, but before I got started, she asked for Pink, the little vibe that could.

“Get that smile off your face. You’re not going to be involved in anything,” she said.1

Really? … OK.

So I got Pink out of the toy chest and handed it to Belle in much the same way a dog might hand its master a rolled up newspaper if, in fact, dogs could do such things. Then I rubbed her feet for 20 minutes as we watched AC360.2

When the rubbing was done, she was pretty relaxed and, had I not handed her a vibrator 20 minutes earlier, I would have expected she’d be drifting off to sleep. In fact, she looked like she was drifting off.

“What are you going to do with Pink?” I asked, as if I was inquiring about the day’s weather forecast, trying to sound disinterested.

“Nothing you need to worry about,” she replied sleepily.

Gah! What!? Why!? Jesus, let me! I didn’t say those things, but they all leapt to mind simultaneously. I didn’t even know where Pink was. She was still in her nightclothes, covers pulled up over her breasts, all cocooned and sleepy looking. No outward indication that she wanted to get off at all.

So, back to AC360. He was saying something about something3, but I wasn’t paying much attention. Too distracted by the mysterious and unusual thing happening next to me. Then, about three minutes later, I noticed a little motion under the covers in the general vicinity of her crotch.

“You’re doing it right now!” In front of Anderson!


I turned off the TV. With it out of the way, I could hear the muffled thrumming of Pink on its lowest setting. Louder, then quieter, louder, then quieter as it was moved up and down, in and out. I started to feel the oh-so-familiar pressure between my legs while I divided my attention between the rising and falling motion of the covers and her face, brow furrowed, eyes closed, mouth half open.

It took much longer than I thought it would. If it had been me doing it, I’d have had her off in half the time, but she wasn’t working her nipples and, while I knew that would help her, I didn’t move in as I wasn’t allowed to be involved. I just laid next to her, eyes darting up to her face, then back to the covers, gripping my pillow and feeling the throbbing inside my tube.

Her breathing turned to shallow pants and the thrumming of the vibe became more insistent as she kick in it’s highest setting. Her hips started to gyrate and the rising and falling of the tent became more noticeable. She was really starting to fuck herself with the little vibe and her whole pelvis was getting into it. She turned her face away from me and started to arch her back and neck. Her heavy breathing became mixed with quiet, rhythmic moans as she got closer to the edge.

I whined, scrabbled at my confinement, and felt totally powerless.

The little rhythmic moans became little rhythmic “oh, fuck”s as she spread her legs open more and, I assume, shoved the little vibe all the way home for the finale.

She came, while inside, my boiling desire howled in protest.

Afterward, I felt…weird. In the past, when she’s masturbated in front of me, we were both naked and I had some involvement. This time, I wasn’t even a spectator. I was less than that. I was immaterial. She was fully clothed, totally covered. She wasn’t putting on a show for me, she was getting herself off in much the same way she would had I not been there. It was 100% about her.

My head was buzzing. I was so turned on, but knew there was nothing to be done about it. I couldn’t use her pleasure to bleed of my excess pressure since she had blocked my access to it. It was done. And all I could do was lay there and churn. She was spent and satisfied and I was ten times hornier than I would have been had I been the one to make her that way. It was torture.

Her hand came out from under the covers and she handed me Pink, wordlessly. Where I had once been the jockey who rode the races, I was now the lowly stable boy left to tend to the tack after the race was won by someone else. The vibe was deeply warm. I resisted the urge to lick it, to suck off her essence. I simply held it and contemplated how well this event demonstrated her position over my sexuality.

I got out of bed to wash her toy and replace it in it’s case in the toy box before climbing back in. She never moved.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked quietly.

“Oh, yes,” she purred.

“Why did you do it yourself? Why didn’t you want me to help?”

“Look, don’t give me that whiny crap–”

“I’m not whining! I just want to know, that’s all.” I felt extraordinarily submissive to her at that moment. I felt tiny and expendable.

“It’s my decision and that’s what I wanted. I didn’t want you involved.”

“OK,” I said, meekly.

Yesterday, I suggested it would be tricky figuring out how to punish a masochist. Today, I know how. This is how. Deny my totally. Nothing for me, everything for her. That’s punishment. Cruel and effective. The mere suggestion of being put through this again will keep me in line.

As sleep approached, I felt disconnected from her. Normally, I spoon into her as I fall asleep, but I couldn’t. She was laying on her back, arms and legs out, in a position that made spooning impossible and, since I still wasn’t sure to what extent I was allowed to engage with her, I didn’t try to put my arms or legs over her. Snuggling felt inappropriate, as if I’d be intruding. Her entire attitude, even in how she laid there, sprawled across the bed, more than a little asleep, was self-centered. I even had to shift my position to make room for her legs on “my” side of the bed. Her embrace of the dominant high ground was striking.

This morning, I’m fucking wired. The sub energy is humming inside – to such an extent that I still feel like I can’t touch her and have a hard time looking her in the eye. She, however, looks at me in an admiring, appreciative way suggestive of a jockey/horse, gearhead/hotrod, master/slave relationship. She owns me. She owns my cock, my sex, my heart, and she owns my soul. And, she knows it.

1 As usual, all dialog is approximate yet accurate with regard to intent.

2 So what about that Anderson Cooper? Gay, right? He’s like a cute little gay elf you just want to put in your pocket.

3 Saying something bad with his mouth, but something good – oh, so good – with those steely blue eyes.

9 Replies to “Pink punishment”

  1. What a fantastic account of a wholly wife led and ultimate denial experience, I wish my wife was so inclined to put herself before me in that way. A great punishment indeed.

    1. A hard punishment. Right now, as I reread what happened, it’s makes the meat between my legs ache, but at the time, it was intense. Very emotional. Yeah, that part of me that gets off on the abuse is singing, but the rest of me is tender.

      I liked it, but it hurt. If she was like that all the time, she’d break me.

  2. Also, about the “how to punish a masochist” issue. Your wife doesn’t seem to be into hitting you and I don’t really recommend, for that reason, that you try physical punishment. I mean, I don’t think your wife should do it, given that she doesn’t want to. But punishment is really different from non-punishment beating, and it’s not actually hard to punish a masochist. At least, for me, getting punished is way, way different from being beaten as part of a scene. It’s really hard emotionally.

  3. I liked it, but it hurt. If she was like that all the time, she’d break me.

    Oh yeah that came across loud and clear. Its a hard game sometimes. If you dont feel strongly your connection with her it can feel very humbling, cold. My online domme played like that often, and its hard to cope with. Much rather take a beating.

    I hope she isnt like that too often as well, for your sake. But occasionally, its hot. Hot to read about too!


  4. Sorry to burst a bubble and I know every couple is a bit different….this is exactly the sort of thing which makes me reluctant going into a domme wife type relationship.

    The realization we might get to this point as part of trying out the fem domme thing.
    Yes I know its all about communication …..still, things become tricky when it comes to people feelings.

    I guess some might enjoy it – and it is OK – for me it is total disrespect in a mean uncalled for way. Yet again I realize some actually seek that

    For me a relationship is about love, yes even in a scenario where it is female lead relationship or any other term out of the dozens out there for female domination. Ignoring is the opposite of love- even as a form of punishment… everyone is entitled to an opinion

    1. Ow! My bubble!

      …this is exactly the sort of thing which makes me reluctant going into a domme wife type relationship.

      Not every aspect of other people’s lives is right for everyone else. Journeys of self-discovery often have pitfalls along the way and if you’re so afraid of the occasional misstep that you don’t take the journey at all, then that’s your loss.

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