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Seems like we’ve been talking a lot about sex and emotions and shit lately. I’m feeling the need to give the chastity nerd inside me a little love…

Remember the hair experiment? I can continue to report that keeping a nice, smooth, hairless area around the ring circumference maintains a significantly more comfortable experience than not. I haven’t had any issues with razor burn or stubble. I shave it every other day or so, always with lubricated skin (soap, shaving cream, or just the silicone lube I use to keep the device moving around easily) and a well-used yet still serviceable razor (learned that lesson the hard way). So far, I give close shaving a thumbs-up.

I’m kind of in a weird area now where the 1 7/8″ A-ring on the CB-6000 is a little too big but the 1 3/4″ ring is a little too small. I can wear the 1 3/4″ ring without issue during the day, but find an annoying amount of testicle pain at night (and not pinching of the scrotum, actual testicular pain from my balls being crushed…wait, don’t I like that?). Also, I find the inevitable erection seems to back up behind the ring and cause more internal discomfort. What I need is a size somewhere in between – the Goldilocks ring – but it doesn’t exist. It continues to surprise me how big an impact such a small relative difference in size makes. In any event, I switched to the 1 3/4″ ring this morning and am going to leave it on for the duration of this stint. It feels more secure than the 1 7/8″ ring, doesn’t hang as low, and in general makes for a smaller feeling package to carry around.

I’m not sure what all the variables are, but I can remember when the 2″ ring was too tight and the 1 7/8″ ring was barely wearable. I know one of the things that changes during wear is skin on the scrotum, so maybe I just need a little more stretching there to fully adjust to the 1 3/4″ ring. The 1 5/8″ ring is insanely small, so at some point, the junk just don’t fit. I cannot imagine ever being able to wear that second-smallest ring, even for a few minutes.

I’ve also started wearing the smallest KSD-G3 all the time now. It does increase security, but I find the ancillary effect of it holding the penis down into the tube to be a bigger benefit for me. It helps with lining the urethral opening up with the slot and, even though I’m unable to pee standing up due to the PA piercing, that helps with cleanliness (which I’m a bit of a nut over). I do find that it occasionally will cause superficial “cuts” that don’t break the skin on the top of the shaft, but so far during this stint, they’ve been nothing I can’t deal with.

Speaking of peeing standing up, I recently acquired an external, “Texas” style condom catheter. Basically, it’s a rubber with a short tube at the end and some sticky stuff on the inside to keep it from leaking or falling off. I haven’t put it on yet, but I’m wondering if that will be my ticket back to vertical peeing. I worry about what keeping it on all the time will do to my skin and I’m also wondering what the hygiene implications are. In any event, I’m thinking of trying it out during my next confinement. Anyone else out there ever play around with one of these?

Finally, I can’t forget to ping Tom’s excellent Birdlock review. It’s a very thorough account of the device from an expert point of view that any enforced chastity fan will appreciate. He basically answered my biggest concern regarding the likelihood one could squish and squash oneself to orgasm while wearing it. Turns out, yes, you can, so my fascination with it is essentially over.

There. I feel better now that I’ve gotten all that chastity nerdery off my chest. Our regular programming will resume shortly.

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  1. Thumpy, if you can get a 3/8″ half-round file, then you can enlarge a section of the front of your 6k so that you can pee standing up. I know I’ve got pics of my 3k and 6k modified, and it’s really not that difficult. I noted where my urethra lines up and enlarged an area that’s just large enough to fit my pinkie up to the knuckle. With a little lube in the cage you can maneuver yourself to be lined up and just let go.

    I still have to keep a small bit of paper towel or toilet tissue under the cage to catch the drips, and you have to point it more down than out, but it’s fine. I’ve learned to carry a few coffee shop napkins in my jacket pocket for situations where I might not have tissue.

    Of course, all bets are off if you don’t get a straight line with that big, ol’ PA in the way.

  2. Of course, all bets are off if you don’t get a straight line with that big, ol’ PA in the way.

    Bingo. I had the peeing thing all figured out before I got poked in the weewee. I get quite a bit of leakage from the piercing hole.

    I might try to enlarge the slot, anyway. What can it hurt?

  3. Thumper,
    by coincidence my last orgasm was the same day (night) as yours, although being European, I must’ve beaten you by some hours. My wife doesn’t want me to shave down there, and apart from a few hours after I’ve been relocked (i e not very often), I’m fine with it. Either I’ve a higher pain tolerance, or (more likely) my bits are smaller, as I´m able to wear the next-smallest ring without significant discomfort. I’ve even worn the smallest ring, but it made nocturnal erections disturbingly painful. I’ve seen people wear a condom catheter, but I’ve never tested one myself. I guess you’ll have to change it every day, or at least every other day.
    One thing I don’t understand: How are you able to switch rings when you’re locked? Shouldn’t Belle keep the keys?

    1. How are you able to switch rings when you’re locked? Shouldn’t Belle keep the keys?

      I know where the key is. Technically, I shouldn’t, but she trusts me. I usually get out for cleaning and shaving once a week or so and she doesn’t even supervise me. I took that opportunity to drop a ring size.

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