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Reader ritemate left the following comment to the post Tube Talk:

One thing I don’t understand: How are you able to switch rings when you’re locked? Shouldn’t Belle keep the keys?

To which I replied that Belle doesn’t hide the key or keep it with her. It hangs on its chain with the rest of her necklaces. I let myself out about once a week for cleaning and general maintenance and lock myself back up, usually in the morning after she’s gone to work. This has never seemed to bother either of us since the device is just a symbol of her control over the cock. The actual control is between my ears.

But ritemate’s question has been lingering in my mind. I assumed, since Belle doesn’t like to wear the key all the time (regardless of how hot I find it), that it was only natural that she’d keep it with her other jewelry. And, since my intentions were pure, it was OK that I occasionally let myself out without her specific knowledge, as long as I had a reason.

But here we are three weeks and a day following my last orgasm (a new record) and two weeks and a day since the start of my lock-up (the longest period this year) and I heard myself thinking this morning that maybe I needed to get out after Belle left so I could…could…well, just because. Because I could shave, clean, etc., but also so I could simply touch myself. Wouldn’t that feel nice? Just for a bit. Then, right back in. Yes, my precious. That’s right. Nasty dommeses wouldn’t mind. You have a right to touch the cock, don’t you, precioussss….?


So, before she left, I asked Belle to hide the key. Now I have no idea where it is and there’s no way for me to get out of the device absent real, honest cheating. And you know what? The whole thing just got about 14% hotter for me. Now I will only get out when she consciously decides I will. No more sneaking around behind the Hobb– er, I mean, Belle’s back taking advantage of a vague technicality. In actual fact, there’s no real reason I have to get out, anyway. I can clean very well using the little angled squirt bottle thing I have and can shave well enough around the device. Unless she wants to play with it, she can keep it in there indefinitely at this point.

Now if I can only figure out how to deal with my sudden urge to take a bite out of a live fish…

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  1. Yeah, see, easy access to the key doesn’t work for us. Not because I’d use it inappropriately – and sometimes I do need her to leave the key around so I can make, modify, or repair something. But when I’m done experimenting, she takes the key and hides it – or sometimes leaves it at her office so she’s not tempted to use it, especially over a weekend.

    For us, the hotness is that I *don’t* have control, mental or physical; she does.

  2. We use a little Draper four digit combination keysafe when we play. For me not being able to access the key is hot and quite important.

    I think, for myself, the knowledge that cheating is not an easy option adds a lot. Obviously I could spend many hours working through the 10,000 combinations but I’m no more going to do that than I would, say, use a key handed over to C and left on the bedside table or, for that matter, learn to pick the lock.

    I find it amusing that whilst I know, in theory, I could find a way to cheat, or could simply cut the lock off, nonetheless I am emotionally unable to do so. The harder it is made to do what I wouldn’t do anyway, the hotter it is.


  3. In the brief time my wife played KH for me, she just hung the key on the hook with her car keys. I found that really unsatisfying. Part of the thrill is making it so that I can’t masturbate or cum without her knowledge. Having the key available ruined that feeling.

    Sure, I can cut off the lock… but she would KNOW.

    That difference has a big mental impact for me.


  4. Thumper,
    Glad to be able to give you some inspiration. Now you can’t change rings, but (if you’re a good boy) She might ALLOW you to change them. At least 28 % hotter, I should say. For me, it isn’t just a hotness thing, but a craving thing as well. If I have access to the key, it’s my choice to keep on carrying my polycarbonate toy; if the key is unavailable to me, it’s my Wife’s decision when She’s going to release me from Her Instrument of Chastity. Lock, stuck and a steaming barrel.

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