During my morning hygine ritual this morning I noticed the following little cracks on the tube of my CB6K.

Wee cracks

I don’t know how long they’ve been there or how long it’ll be before the polycarbonate fails (or, for that matter, in what way it will fail), but there they are. Not too suprising, I guess, since there is a fair bit of flex where the tube attaches to those posts and I do often sleep on my stomach and wear some tight underwear when trying to conceal. I’m sure both those things conspire to stress the plastic. I can’t tell if there are any cracks in the locking post hole, but I’ll be checking next time I get out for the weekly hygiene.

Any other CBxK wearers out there have cracks like that?

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  1. I’ve broken several cuff rings on the 3k. The guide pins poke through the cuff ring, the opposite of the 6k.

    After they break, you can use a good superglue to repair them. But you might want to contact whoever you bought this from; they used to have a 1 year warranty.

    It helps if you keep the guide pins and locking pins clipped as short as possible, and to leave little or no slack in the assembly. You need a snug fit between the cage and cuff.

    1. I’ve trimmed some off the guide pins, but I could take more off (as the picture demonstrates). I go back and forth between which spacer I use, but the one in now is the longest, so all that extra guide pin is totally expendable.

      When it eventually breaks, it might be a sign from god to move on to the stainless. You know, assuming god thinks about things like that.

    1. I don’t really recall, but it was the cheapest I could find at the time. $129? $139?

      Looks like I can get a replacement cage from A. L. Ent. for only $70. That seems much more reasonable. It’s crazy how much these things vary in price all over the web.

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