Fast four

A couple of quickies…

First, Belle needs to find a proper place to hide the key. I got to thinking about it while dressing this morning and wondered if her hiding place was as obvious as the one we use to hide the kid’s teeth after the Tooth Fairy visits, and yeah, it is. Sitting in the front corner of her dresser drawer. Mind you, I’m not a snoop and wouldn’t have gone looking for it beyond opening her drawer, but now I know where it is.

Second, I woke up in an interesting state this morning. Not only had the cock sealed itself so completely in the tube that I literally couldn’t squeeze any piss out of myself at 4:50 this morning, but my PA ring had decided not to drop through the CB6K’s slot as it usually does when the cock’s erect and instead was turned and trapped against the inside of the tube. It does this every once in a while, but the magnitude of this morning’s erection made it especially uncomfortable. Not painful, just weird. Also got a nice kegel exercise once a little of the internal pressure had bled off.

Third, I can report that my clinginess and gropiness have dropped dramatically in the past 36 hours or so. I’m still a major horn dog, but the earnestness of the feelings have subsided. Also, I’m doing my best to grapple those urges down a couple of notches so as not to annoy Belle Fille. Figure since I’ve got over three weeks yet until my next orgasm, I should act more like a marathon runner and less like a sprinter. Thankfully, the body’s playing along.

Fourth, it was nice to see a shout out to Belle over on OutsideVanilla. Seems that she’s given Sandy over there an evil little plan which, it turns out, was not based on what Belle actually did with me, but is amazingly hot just the same. I link to it because it’s so hot and, frankly, I wanted an excuse to get it in front of Belle. Never hurts to plant a seed now and again.

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