It occurred to me while getting dressed recently that I find the outline of a chastity device showing through underwear to be sexier than actually seeing the thing itself (and what it contains). While I do not have the – ahem – “natural assets” of some, and have already bitched about the abundance of gratuitous CBxK cock shots on the web, I admit to feeling the need to get in on the fun (plus, I’m a wannabe exhibitionist at heart).

Note that I don’t think I’ll be doing this on a regular basis since I just don’t have that many good angles. Besides, I’m sure the majority of my reading audience would rather check out pneumatic twenty-something females than my tighty whities anyway.

Skanky picture after the jump.

packing plastic

17 Replies to “HNThumper”

  1. I’m starting to see the appeal of this HNT thing…

    Ferns, I don’t disagree with you, but Belle likes the hair. (There’s less behind the fabric.)

  2. Weird? Me? No no no… oh wait… yes, I do like weird things…

    Actually I like my porn men (Thumper, officially referred to hereafter as ‘Thumporn’) to show me skin rather than hair.

    For real men, I have difficult preferences (oh, what a surprise!), which will lead to some waxing (back, arse) and some trimming (pubes). I am not really into feminisation, but on occasion I might go there, and then the legs are losing their hair also… Oh, and no facial hair, not ever.

    See how easily I am pleased?!


  3. Belle’s a big fan of hair on me. To such an extent that she doesn’t even see the point in my removing the nasty stuff from my back (though I do it anyway). I think unruly pubes are kinda gross, so I keep those trimmed (and even shave a bit for the device), but other than that (and the back), I pretty much leave things as they are.

    And yeah, I’m going to be thinking about being a Ferns “porn man” for the rest of the day…

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