Funny bunny

I looked into Belle’s eyes knowing I radiated abject horniness. I didn’t ask with words since that’s not allowed, but looking up at her, my eyes were pleading for…something. Anything. Contact. Attention, for her or me. Any outlet for my weeks of accumulated desire.

Her beautiful green eyes could not have been more different. Cool. Clear. Calm. She fingered the hair over my forehead and I could see her debating my fate. I was dangling at the end of her string and it was apparent she wasn’t sure in which way she wanted me to jump. What was so important to me appeared to be nothing more than a trifling whimsy to her.

God, I loved that. Everything we’ve worked for crystallized into that perfect moment. Me craving, aching, desperate. Her, unmoved by my desperation. No hint of my fate. No hurry to release me from my anticipation. Deciding what she wanted, in absolute and total control.

The 45mm ring of the device bit into the root of my surging erection while it’s cage and the extra plastic it contained to ensure my entrapment clamped like a vice. The meat fought back the best it could and pushed the prison up and away with all its might. My scrotum was pulled painfully tight, its contents crushed from behind by the thick plastic ring. I groaned. She laughed.

“You’re funny when you’re pathetic,” she said, laughing some more.

I groaned again.

2 Replies to “Funny bunny”

  1. Good god that was hot! Reducing your desperate need into a laughing matter. As if what had preceeded it wasn’t hot enough.

    I like Belle, she is cool!

    You scared yet at how far she might take it?

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