Belle was giving me what I wanted last night. Specifically, pain. Specifically, testicle pain. I was on my back this time and that allowed her to get in there with more force than past attempts. A couple of times (and one time in particular) it hurt. Like a motherfucker. In fact, it kept on hurting well after she was done.

Ah, bliss.

I’d writhe and moan and groan and tenderly cup my assaulted body parts while she just laid there and watched. It was awesome. But, the pain was so intense I found myself afraid of her and what she might do next. I found it very difficult to open my legs back up to her and I was flinching whenever she moved her hands near my balls. Her modus operandi involves gentle, lingering strokes followed by hard whacks so it’s hard to always tell the sweet touches from the hard ones. A few times, she used her fist.

And that’s when I felt it. Fear.

This is what I wanted. It’s what I craved. For her to push me to the brink of what I can endure. To stretch my boundaries. Again, bliss. I was genuinely scared of her and told her as much. Admitting the fear only made it more delicious. Only made the cock throb harder.

Once or twice, I more than flinched. I actually closed my legs for protection.

“Looks like next time, I’m going to have to tie you down.”

Oh, mama. Would you?

But really, I think it’d be even hotter if she didn’t. If, when she noticed me assuming a defensive position, she ordered me to separate my legs.

“Stop that!” she’d say, “Show me those nuts. Yeah, those. I’m going to hit them now. Really hard. Really, really hard. And it’s going to hurt.” Wrapping her fingers around their base, stretching the skin and exposing the sack’s contents completely. “I’m going to hit you right here and it’s going to fucking hurt. You want me to? Huh? You want me punch you in the fucking balls?”

Oh god, yes. Please.

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