HNThumper II

OK, I admit it. There’s something slightly intoxicating about the prospect of hundreds of strangers getting a look at me that’s usually withheld for Belle or my doctor. I do like the idea that unknown eyes are on my body (and even some known eyes). It feeds my latent exhibitionism and I suppose is similar to the motivation that’s behind the obsessive blogging of my life’s most intimate details. In any event, I’m following up my last foray into HNT with this sequel.

Conceptually, it’s the same deal as before except this time I’m not in the CB6K. You can make out the profile of the circumcised cock I gave to Belle beneath the tight white fabric (even the bump caused by the ball on the curved barbell PA jewelry near its head). What you can’t see is the heavy chrome cock ring I’m wearing as a reminder of her control. At least, not until you click past the jump…

Sans plastic

PeekHires versions are linked on each for those interested in collecting…

15 Replies to “HNThumper II”

  1. Oh Thumporn, you slut! This did make me laugh… I love that you described it just in case someone couldn’t bear to look too closely. Very precise shaving job there too, nice work.

    The sexy part for me is the shiny and that lovely hand and wrist, some veins and that exposing yourself ‘here it is, yours’ thing… phew…

    Thank you.


      1. I’m sure it exists 😛

        It’s funny how easy it is to show ourselves that way on the Internet. It’s certainly not something I would do in real life 😀

    1. I was all worried that the lack of comments meant I crossed some unspoken HNT line or something.

      Funny how vulnerable practically sticking your dick out there for everyone to see can make a guy…

  2. Oh, I really like the ring. It’s like a wedding band. And the outlines of the piercing… Way too hot combined with all the posts about edging. Way.

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