Please be my friend

I’ve created a Facebook page for my skanky sex blogger persona. I am woefully short of friends at the moment, so if you’re a Facebook kind of person, don’t mind associating with perverts, and simply can’t get enough of my fascinating brain droppings, please mosey on over there and friend me.

Also, I occasionally update Twitter.

Also also, I’ve created an email account for Thumper. If you’re interested in sending me missives, praise, criticism, naked pictures of yourself, cookie recipes, or other abuse, please feel free. Thumpermn at gmail dot com.

My ego thanks you for your continued interest and attention.

6 thoughts on “Please be my friend

  1. There’s also Fetlife you could create an account on. Which reminds me that I have an account there. That goes to show how much I use it… I’m known as Elle_Unleashed on that site. It’s not bad, but yeah. I haven’t really gotten into it.

  2. The “trend” is that everywhere I have an account, it’s ThumperMN.

    I can’t believe I’m the first friend of a hot dominant chick. I feel so cool now.

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