More PA cable madness

My obsession with increased chastity security via my PA piercing is well-documented. Last time, I had decided, once and for all, that a cable through my PA’s ring was not an option since the penis likes to move around in its tube over the course of the day and that movement causes a light yet persistent pulling against the piercing which, eventually, becomes intolerable.

But I keep thinking about it. Like, all the time. I hate the fact that, even with the KSD-3G, I could, if I really and truly wanted to, slip the cock out of the device (though I’m not entirety sure I’d get it back in). So the other day, I was thinking about something Tom did with o-rings and rubber bands (yes, he’s just that crafty). I didn’t use his method, not because I thought it would prove ineffective, but because I have hardware in the vicinity to work with that he doesn’t. His solution provided exactly the inspiration I needed to find what I think makes the CB6K perfectly secure.

Cable through o-ring through PA ring through flesh
Cable > o-ring > PA ring > flesh

I took an o-ring (not sure of the size, but I’ll add that when I get home) and put it into my PA ring before snapping it shut. The ring is big enough that it requires a tool to open, but brute force can close it. Then, with the little black ring dangling from my larger stainless one, I put the tube on and ran the PA cable though the o-ring. Once locked, the penis is perfectly secured. Yeah, I could always cut the o-ring, but I was never looking for a solution that couldn’t be defeated with tools. The entire device could be removed with the right tools, right? All I wanted was something that could not be defeated with nothing more than my hands and imagination. Now I have that.

I’m not in love with the MacGyver-esque look of it (at least it’s black), but I’m very please that, more than 24 hours after putting it into place, it feels no different than usual. So far, the penis hasn’t tried to move up into the tube far enough to cause any pulling whatsoever. I’m a very happy – and secure – rabbit.

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  1. The fiddly-ness of these devices irks me sometimes.

    Turns out that my O ring idea wasn’t all that great, since I could work it off with a q-tip. But your idea should be less likely to pinch and catch, rather than just the plain cable.

    The KSD-G3 has turned out out be the best thing that I’ve tried — but that’s me. It hasn’t worked as well for some other guys.

  2. Thumper, I’m using a PA cable with a CB3k, and I do get a little pulling. I’ve been thinking of “upgrading” to a CB-6000s, since the tube is shorter. That should provide less opportunity for pull-back, and tension on the piercing. Have you considered that?

    Also, how old is your piercing. Mine is a year old, now. It seems to be doing OK with the security cable. My frenum area gets a little tender, but the piercing itself is healthy as can be (knocks wood).

    Best of luck!

    1. I think the issue of pull-back is different for everyone. Personally, my little dude will, on occasion, pull *way* back. When exercising strenuously for an extended period, for example, it’ll basically withdraw entirely (which can feel a little weird).

      The age of the piercing certainly does make a difference. Mine’s maybe six months? I forget exactly, but it’s totally healed. Having a larger gauge also helps (I’m at 6). Also, the KSD helps since it keeps the penis further down in the tube. But, at the end of the day, I found I’d be pulling ever so slightly against the cable for hours at a time. It just wasn’t tenable.

    2. Just to add, you can even see in the picture I attached to this post that I was pulled back about a cm from the cable. Not a big deal, but that pulling adds up…

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