How long?

I know I’m not supposed think about this stuff, but I’m a) a guy, and b) a geek. The guy part contributes a certain competitive urge above and beyond what’s necessary and the geek part is all about quantifying and what’s and how’s and such. After nearly a month, I’m back in the device and I’m thinking about how long it’ll be before my little friend gets to stretch his legs again…so to speak.

Our Covenant says I’ll be locked up 183 days in 2009 – six months total. That was written back before Belle said she didn’t want to keep track of things like how long it’d been since I came and how many times she let me do it, etc., so I’m not exactly sure she still feels bound to that goal (plus, of course, the first rule of Our Covenant is that there are no rules – Belle Fille can do whatever she wants). In any event, as of this writing, I’ve been locked up 89 days this year. That means, with over half the year gone, I need to be forcibly chastised another 94 days out of the 170 left until 2010. The longest stint I’ve experienced so far is 18 days back in May.

Why does this matter to me? Well, as I said, some of it’s plain old guy stuff. Hang out on any chastity forum or community and you’ll find guys who’ve been locked up for way longer than 18 days. And, of course, Tom’s been locked up for something like four and a half years. Straight. Or something. And the other thing about me, the thing that you’d learn if you knew me in Real Life, is I always assume if something’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing. I wonder what’d it be like to keep the thing on a month. Two. What would it be like not to come until Labor Day?

I’m screwed either way, of course. Knowing the date takes the spontaneity out of it. If I know I’m not coming until Labor Day, the days in between become an long slog to the finish line. But not knowing drives me crazy, too. Tomorrow? Saturday? Next Friday? When, damn it!? Then again, I suppose that crazy part is what makes this good, right?

Since Belle’s the one who decides these things and since Belle likes her cock too much to leave it locked-up for too long, I know I’ll never pull one of those multi-month deals any time soon (unless, of course, we invest in modern technology – did I mention it’s on sale?).

In the mean time, I think I’ll revel in the angst.

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  1. About 4 weeks ago, I ordered Jos to masturbate to orgasm every day until further notice. After about a week and a half, I told him to stop. I didn’t really give him any indications of when he might come again, until this weekend, when I mentioned that I might let him come at Thunder (this coming weekend) if he’s good.


    1. Forcing orgasm as a demonstration that orgasm control is a two-way street sounds really interesting. MkKey’s experience sounded pretty hot. Just coming isn’t really enough, of course. The way Sandy forced him to consume it afterward…*that’s* what made it hot.

      1. I like the idea that all of Jos’s orgasms are forced. But in this case, I had him orgasm every day for a bit to try to habituate him to regular orgasms to make the denial sharper.

  2. Forced orgasms sounds really hot, but my experiment didn’t turn well at all… Meh.

    Hey, if Belle likes your cock so much, why don’t you try one of them clone a penis type things?

    1. We’re considering one, since we already make pretty liberal use of the strap-on. But my concern is that the quality of the material won’t be as nice as the good Vix-skin (or whatever they call it this month) dildos.

      We have two. Both have the exact same shape, but one is cast with a firm core and the other has the squooshy “natural feel” outer skin that we much prefer.

      Part of the problem is that Mrs. Edge had a very early menopause, and is probably just more sensitive. But we might try one just for the hell of it.

  3. So, I know this post is a year old but I got super excited when I clicked your link. That is the cock that Miss Jen and I use and I swear the thing is fucking magical. I’m hoping you ended up getting it but as I’m reading your blog from start to finish I’ll have to wait and see. For the record you rock.

    1. I do rock, but I don’t roll. 😉

      We ended up getting the Mustang’s little brother, Tex. Belle’s not interested in more length and the Mustang’s a good half inch longer than me.

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