We talk

“Why do you do that? Why do you always go there? Saying we need to just chuck the whole thing whenever we hit a bump?”

She was referring to this comment from my previous post:

This morning, I find myself once again (yet totally unexpectedly) doubting the path we’re on.

I’d say I don’t always go there, but I have, on occasion, suggested we should end our experiment in D/s. For me, whenever I come to doubt that she’s getting anything out of what we do, a complex series of things spring up.

First, I fear that she’s sacrificing her own sexuality in order to serve mine. Nothing else would be more appalling to me. This is not to say I don’t think she should ever do something just because it pleases me. Hardly. That give and take is the foundation of any relationship, sexual or otherwise. However, the idea that she would wholly subsume her sexual identity under the weight of mine is something I’ve feared multiple times. If that were ever to be the case, that her control was merely a construct formed by her desire to see me happy, the entire thing would come crashing down. Her desire for control must be authentically hers.

Second, I immediately start to feel guilt over the ridiculously complicated nature of my sexuality. Why should it all be so fucking hard? Why can’t I be like the other boys? She doesn’t need any more complexity in her life and I feel that I’m only becoming more complicated as we go along, introducing new “rules” and concepts she needs to keep in mind. Sex should be fundamentally easy, shouldn’t it? Sex with me, at least from her perspective, is anything but.

Third, I feel shame. I am ashamed at the things I want from her. My desire to be controlled, to be bound, to be hurt. She’s a nice Catholic girl and I’m nothing more than a perverted deviant (and a heathen to boot) bringing implements of bondage, floggers, and other apparatus into the bedroom. I want her to do unspeakable things to me. Things that are fundamentally not within her nature. I’m a freak.

Fourth, there’s that fundamental difference between us sexually. She wants sex to be spontaneously conducted upon soft, down-filled bedding on bright, sunny Spring mornings with the sounds of birds outside and the scent of lavender on the cool breeze. I want it to be done in the dark, by candlelight, with black leather and stainless steel. I want pain and domination and inequity. Nothing about what I like is spontaneous. We are from polar-opposite regions. I fear she never gets what she really wants in a sexual encounter (think Jane Austen) because she’s always catering to my fetid desires (think Marilyn Manson).

We discussed all this. We will work on all this, especially trying to find ways in which her idealized sexual experience can be combined with mine. She doesn’t want me to feel shame, though I still do. We both feel guilt. We both worry about disappointing the other.

Specifically regarding last night’s encounter, I found myself saying something unexpected. I accused her of being selfish. She was stressed and our sex life was only adding to that angst, so she pulled the plug on it. Not only had she released me, she ended my denial. Capriciously, I thought, since her orgasm was already attended to and didn’t require me to be released. I said I thought that was selfish because I was in a really good place at the time. I was thrilled. The issues were hers and we should have talked them though instead of her, under the guise of being in control, unilaterally acting. It’s was hard for me to say that to her because I’m generally predisposed to accepting her control and serving her selfishness and generally being submissive, but I thought the way in which she acted last night was above and beyond all that. She was actively trying to kill the dynamic, at least for a little while. I had no desire for it to end. Certainly, there must have been another way that would have preserved what we each needed.

Beyond that, she struggles (continuously) with the need to satisfy. That my satisfaction comes, in part, from being unsatisfied is very difficult for her. She also draws a line to my sexual dissatisfaction and my infidelity. In fact, it was my dissatisfaction with her general apathy towards sex that sent me away, not with the sex we were having. In any event, she says she fears that we’ll end up there again. I can’t imagine that now. Sex before didn’t exist between us. Now, it’s front and center. How we were a year ago and how we are now are totally opposite.

In any event, we need to redefine for her what “satisfaction” means to me and to not confuse it with satiation. I am very satisfied now with being totally unsatiated. We can have that bright and lavender-scented Jane Austen-style sex some Spring morning, but I’ll be happier at the end if I’m left hard and frustrated and grinding into my chastity device as opposed to spewing my seed into her. We can both be happy as long as we accept new, flexible definitions of “happy”. She may I think I secretly want to come all over her. In fact, I want to want to come, but not actually do it.

And seriously, I don’t want to come. If, in the course of her fucking me because that’s what she wants, I happen to come because I can’t control myself, then so be it. I only hope she takes the opportunity to tease me about it (hopefully with punishment). However, and for the foreseeable future, I’d rather be left wanting it rather than having it. If she wants to torture me with forced orgasm – to rip it from me against my will – then fine, I guess. That can be hot. But that’s not what last night was about. That was about the opposite.

I have more that I could say, but the conversation was very emotional. I cried very hard a couple of times, and she cried too. I’m feeling a little wiped by the whole thing and sort of puffy-faced. In the end, of course, we didn’t decide to end our experiment. We talked our way through and will keep trying to find the right path. We hugged and kissed and cared for one another. It was all very Austen-esque, except when we were done, she locked her cock back up in plastic. That never would have happened to Mr. Darcy.

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  1. With all due respect, you guys may be overthinking this. Many wonderful things make no logical sense. We are what we are. Acceptance brings joy, freedom, peace. It appears you have a tendency to analyze things to death. Kinky sex can be totally fulfiling but dissecting it endlessely will eventually kill it. Kinky cannot be rationalized. Stop trying.

    Re. your covenant, thumper gives Belle Fille control yet when she does what SHE wants, i.e., tells him to orgasm, to have a “Jane Austin moment”, he is whiny, miserable, questioning. A submissive falls deep into subspace by the act of obedience itself, the result is irrevelant.

    And I object to your portrayal of kinky sex as dark and dirty. I’m Catholic too. There’s nothing in Church law that forbids kinky sex between a married couple. Catholics love sex.

    You haven’t been at this very long; give yourselves time to grow and adjust. Don’t take it so seriously. If anything is open to humor, it’s D/s. This is not easy sex. It takes a lot of work, a lot of trial and error, a lot of effort and hopefully a lot of laughs as well. Any wife who can smear Icy Hot on her husband’s balls – and then laugh at him – is no vanilla cookie.

    1. I don’t know if we’re *over* thinking it. Are you suggesting I should just blunder though times when I feel like things aren’t right? Should I just accept feeling like shit or should I stop and try to figure out why that is? I don’t think we’re trying to *rationalize* the kink. It is what it is. All we’re trying to do is figure out how it fits in a marriage where only one of us is kinky.

      I’m not exactly sure to what your second paragraph refers, but you might be suggesting my role as submissive is to come when she says I should. Normally, I would agree. However, I felt she was *taking advantage* of her position instead of playing a dominant role in scene. She was trying to kill our dynamic, not build upon it.

      The more I think about this the more I understand the position of some who’d say she has the prerogative to do what she wants. I’m not trying to take that away from her, but I am trying to understand where the line is with regard to her responsibility as my dominant to take my feelings into account and communicate with me when she’s stressed.

      With regard to the Catholic thing, I was using it to help illuminate my guilt. I have no idea what any church has to say about kink and I really don’t care. What I was trying to say is, Belle’s not the kind of girl who’d go out for kinky sex, given a choice. She’s a “nice girl”. Fill that in any way you like. Not trying to offend.

  2. A year is a short time, and sometimes a bit of “blundering through” is exactly what’s needed. I think you did the right thing to cum (you were told to), you did the right thing to question it (more or less), and you did the right thing to write about it all up here (for your’s and others’ benefit). A quick look back will tell you it hasn’t been such a bad year, that’s all you need. More blundering please, and may your blundering be usually fruitful 🙂

  3. I didn’t mean to come across as critical in my comment. I love to read your experiences as you maneuver this “road less taken” and I am grateful for the trust you put in your readers. As an outsider I do not know what conversations you’ve had regarding limits and expectations. From reading your beautiful Covenant it seemed you gave Belle Fille considerable control. Given that, “taking advantage” would seem difficult to do?

    Most Dominants work hard to take their submissives’ feelings into account, often to the sacrifice of their own. I think Belle Fille is kinky; many characteristics of our personality lie latent until circumstances awaken them. More to the point – are you kinky? Or have you fetishized this one element of arousal – enforced chastity? If I was disappointing my submissive, I would just not want to try any longer.

  4. First, I fear that she’s sacrificing her own sexuality in order to serve mine. Nothing else would be more appalling to me.

    This is a huge fear for Joscelin, pretty much all the time. Giving him truthful reassurance about it gets exhausting eventually, but I think he’s coming around to seeing things as they are. But I don’t know how things really “are” with Belle, so the fear may be more legit for you. But damn did that sound familiar!

  5. I’m sorta late to the party (just now read your other posts about this situation), and forgive me for assuming, but I think the “overthinking” comment could be attributed to insecurity. When I read your posts, I found myself thinking “What? Where did he get that she just wanted to put a stop to things? Why can’t he see that she’s taking control?”

    Of course, I’m not in the situation and I can’t know all the talks you’ve had, but being on the outside, that’s what I was seeing. And I attribute your behavior to insecurity because I’m a very insecure person myself, and the way you reacted could have been my own reaction.

    So instead of saying “don’t overthink”, maybe I’d say, don’t overworry. She doesn’t hate your kink, she’s not unhappy, her sexuality is not obliterated… That’s probably all in your head. I mean, she’s still here, a year later. Right? It’s just like when I get it in my silly little head that Boy Toy doesn’t love me because he didn’t hug me when I got home from work. In that moment, I’ve completely forgotten that we’ve been together 2 years and we live together… Sometimes I just have to give myself a little shake and try to see things for what they ARE, and not for what I fear them to be.

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