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  1. Oh, those. Those are stress fractures. See if you can find some thin, plastic washers and superglue them to the face of the cage (around the hole, obviously).

    The wall is slightly thinner on the 6k than on the 3k, so it’s more prone to them.

    Actually, if you could counterbore those holes and insert a larger bushing made from a different plastic, that would be even better.

    I really need to start my own business chopping these cages and making them more customized.

    1. I’m sorry, are you talking to me? Counterbore the holes!? What, you think I took polycarbonate shop in high school?

      Super gluing little washers I could handle, assuming it doesn’t end up looking too ghetto. When you start up your chastity device chop shop, let me know!

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