Silent running

One of the unfortunate side-effects of having a PA piercing is that, when sporting the plastic chastity tube, the stainless steel jewelery I wear tends to knock around in there. The 6ga segment ring isn’t as bad as the curved barbell with the ball on the end. That combo acts like a bell with the ball on the barbell being the clapper. CLANKITY, CLANKITY, CLANKITY as I walk down the hall. As I said, the segment ring is better, but can still, depending on the condition of the little slab of meat it’s been punched through, make what can be a difficult to explain noise when padding around the house in one’s jammies.

With this in mind, I recently ordered an acrylic ball-enclosed ring. The idea was that the plastic wouldn’t resonate against the tube as noisily as the hard metal does. The ring itself it much lighter than the metal, unsurprisingly, and the ball pops in and out of the flexible ring easily making the ring feel not so much like jewelery as it does a piece from a LEGO model. Also, it doesn’t seem to want to move around easily through the piercing. The stainless usually glides smoothly through the hole while the plastic tends to move in fits and spurts and drags against my skin. In any event, this isn’t that big of a deal since, when worn within the CB6K, it has been practically silent. I haven’t heard any sound from down there whatsoever. The ball enclosure is too big to fit through the slot at the end of the tube, so when hard, there’s a definite “coach class” crowdedness in there, but nothing at all painful or especially problematic.

Also helping on the noise front is the black Master lock I’m wearing. Typically, I place a small felt self-adhesive pad on the back of my other metal locks to help keep down the clankiness, but the Master lock has a black plastic shell and seems to fit more snugly though the hole in the CB6K’s locking pin. Less movement combined with a deadened impact means even quieter operation.

Next time I’m tapped to sneak up on someone ninja-style, I will do so confidently knowing that my chastity device won’t unexpectedly clank and blow my cover.

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  1. How nice to know you won’t be setting of any airport alarms either! You need jammies with pockets, and a few cents in pennies to carry around in them. Then all jingling will be explained.

  2. I’ve used an elastic around the cage to hold down the lock at times. I dont’ like it bouncing around when I’m exercising.

    You might also try a dab of soft silicone on the part of the cage where the lock touches to help deaden the sound.

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