Rika arrives

I finally got around to ordering Uniquely Rika the other day and it showed up last night. I’ve seen it talked up on other sites and, after finding myself again on her old website (now defunct, but still available if you know how to use the Internet Archive), I decided to pop the $30 and get the book. I’ve purchased books like this in the past (specifically, about female dominance), but I can’t say they’ve been particularly helpful. On the one hand, it has been hard picturing either Belle or me living the lives they describe (though, to be fair, the life we are leading is evolving at a fairly rapid rate – there are things I embrace now that I eschewed six months ago). On the other hand, I was the one reading the books, not Belle (for the most part – we did read parts of one or two together). I really don’t consider me to be the target audience for these. Belle is.

So, after leafing though it last night and seeing that Rika isn’t batshit crazy or anything, and after recognizing that the majority of the book consists of Rika speaking to the F in the FLR, I decided to basically ignore it. It’s Belle’s to read. If there are sections within that she thinks I should look at, then I’ll be more than happy to do so, but otherwise, its secrets will be hers. And really, they should be. If I’m to truly submit to her, then she needs to craft a flavor of dominance she’s comfortable with all on her own. She needs to own it and let me live within it. It can’t really be community property. I’m not saying I need to sublimate all my needs and emotions or anything like that, but in whatever way we’re able to practice D/s, she needs to bring the D and I need to bring the s. It seems to me, the less I think about how she should or should not practice domination, the more confident she’ll be in how she approaches it and the more energy I can expend being a better submissive. That’s the idea, anyway. She agrees the book is for her, not me, and started to read it last night. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

While she was reading it, I was giving her a foot massage. It felt really, really good for me since it’s been somewhat busy around the house over the past week and my opportunities to service her have been few and far between. I have been able to cook the dinners and clean up and such, but that just kind of feels like my job now and not so much a chance to make her especially happy. So, while she filled out the questionnaire, I spent 30 minutes lovingly caressing her feet.

Afterward, she asked for me to continue on her shoulders and neck, which I gratefully did. That kind of massage is fundamentally more intimate since she’s typically topless and I usually get more contact with her body since I straddle her legs while doing it.

At one point, I was kneeling just below her ass and laying over her to get a better angle on her shoulder muscles.

“That feels nice,” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“The way you’re thrusting into me like that.”

I hadn’t even realized I was, but once she mentioned it, I saw that my motions were causing the CB6K to rhythmically grind into her ass. Had I not been wearing it, and had we both been completely naked, it wasn’t very dissimilar from a position I’d use to penetrate her from behind. After all this clicked into place in my head, I felt the pressure build in the device and the nature of my position – the denied, chastised male dedicated to her pleasure – fall upon me in full weight. I was already sporting a healthy subbie buzz, but this sent it flying.

“Maybe we should try this position sometime,” she continued, suggesting I could fuck her from behind while massaging her shoulders. Whether or not that’s even possible, the idea of trying it, and her talking about sex while I was physically incapable of it, caused me to breath very heavily as my face hovered above her bare skin. It was wonderfully tormenting.

Finally, after the massage was over, she produced Pink, her little vibe. Even though she’s still on her period, she wanted me to get her off. I very happily complied, especially when she told me to get naked. She came quickly and intensely.

This morning, she was lazy in bed because she had the day off. While snuggling and spooning, she started to touch me. While chastised, I find myself especially sensitive to her touch all over my body. I’m not the first person to observe that locking away the primary male erogenous zone causes the remainder of the body to pick up the slack. She can touch me anywhere and set me off. In this case, it was my chest. Gently, she ran her fingers through my chest hair and down along my ribs. I felt myself melt. She traced down my side, over the top of my thigh, and found my balls. She may have also been touching the cock in its plastic case, but there’s no way I can feel that. As her fingers lightly caressed me, I felt my normal morning thickness try to grow against its encasement. The device, along with its contents, pulled up and away from my body. Laying on my back was intolerable. I turned over and got up on my hands and knees. Suspended from above, the straining package was more comfortable, but she continued to trace the contours of my stretched scrotum and I felt the tube of the CB6K throb as the meat it secured became more engorged.

“God, it’s so tight,” I gasped.

“Do you want me to stop?” she asked while not stopping.


Finally, “No. Don’t ever stop.”

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  1. Recent entries sound peaceful and relaxed. Your tone has a happy submissiveness to it lacking earlier. Less controlling expectation, more acceptance and joy. Almost as though you’ve made peace with your place which has allowed you to relax so Belle can find her’s at her own pace.

    Recently I took an afternoon and read your entire blog. I am very grateful to you for sharing these unique experiences. You’re a gifted writer and are able to articulate very difficult emotions, thoughts, and feelings into words that are understood in the mind and felt in the heart. This blog could easily be published in book form and could end up as the Classic on male chastity within a D/s relationship.

    And please – keeping posting!

    1. I think we’ve both found a more “peaceful” place. I sense that the recent events have allowed is both to move to a new level of understanding of each other. Forward momentum is a good thing!

      Recently I took an afternoon and read your entire blog.

      Oh my. I’m simultaneously flattered, embarrassed, and intrigued. What, wasn’t there even an old rerun of Gilligan’s Island on or something?

      Anyway, thanks for the very kind words and encouragement. I have no plan to stop any time soon!

  2. I’m not a new reader, really – I’ve been reading since may, but I too took an evening and read your full archive. I loved it. You have knack for writing in such a way that it’s very easy for me to forget I’m reading, and feel like I’m there with you. Of course, it also brought up a lot of latent emotions for me.

    My husband and I had a brief stint with chastity and denial and sexual submission last year before he decided it was not for him, although he was the one to bring the subject up in the first place. I didn’t realize how much I miss it until I spent those hours in your head, wondering how much of what you felt applied to him as well, and, frankly, envying your Belle Fille.

    I’m very glad you two have been able to work through all the pitfalls and struggles to make this work for both of you. It speaks to the love and commitment you share and it’s a beautiful thing.

    My only complaint, after spending so much time immersed in your world is now I wish you updated more often! 🙂 But that’s just me wanting to live vicariously through you.

    Thank you for putting your life out here for voyeurs like me!

    1. My husband and I had a brief stint with chastity and denial and sexual submission last year before he decided it was not for him…

      I suspect there are quite a few guys out there who get off on the idea of T&D + D/s but don’t care for it once they get a real taste. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you.

      And as for your lovely compliments, I thank you and my ego thanks you!

  3. Thumper is already aware of this, but Ms. Rika’s website was hijacked last year, after a long period of revamping the forums. She never put it back up, which is a shame, because she is one of the more sane-minded people in this community.

    She resurfaced last week on Fetlife, in case anybody is interested. I’m glad to she that she’s doing well.

    1. Thumper is already aware of this…

      Actually, I *wasn’t* aware of that. I do vaguely recall her site from before it came down, but I didn’t realize the circumstances. That’s a shame.

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