Last night, I wrote down the dates for the next year’s worth of Saturdays on a sheet of paper, cut them all out, and tossed them into a hat. Of the 50-some little bingo ball-like clippings, Belle drew eight: the eight times I’ll be allowed to pleasurably achieve orgasm over the next 12 months. She didn’t tell me much about the dates (and, in fact, said, “It’s not for you to know or worry about. Just wait.”), but she did mention that there are three “dry spells”. Three rather long dry spells. And she intimated that I’m at the start of a dry spell right now.

BINGO!The longest I’ve gone without coming so far is about three weeks. Now, I’m facing the prospect of twice that and probably much longer (52 weeks divided by eight would mean I’m coming every month and a half or so, on average). What constitutes a “dry spell”, anyway? I admit to being excited by the prospect, but I’m also more than a little nervous. I have no idea what I’m in for now. It’s all new territory.

As we discussed it – my orgasmic fate – the cock became very hard. Still free, I hoped against hope that she’d want to use it, (it’s been days and days since she last let me make her come), but she wasn’t all that interested. I never asked so she never said so directly, but she knew I was ready, knew how horny I was, but chose not to act on the opportunity. There wasn’t even a trace of impatience or angst within me regarding that. As I said in my last post, I totally accept that it’s her hand on the sexual rudder. My availability or eagerness is not that big a deal since I’m always eager and available. So we went to sleep, me spooned into her, hard cock again between us.

Before that, though, as we lay in the dark she said she’s worried about my prostate health as we embark on this new and greatly reduced orgasm regimen. I told her the science seemed to be contradictory on the matter, but we could always ruin one occasionally to blow out the pipes. She said she’d probably allow me to milk myself instead. In any event, it was also decided that, assuming she likes this method of determining when I get to come, we’ll select new dates each year around Labor Day.

In the mean time, I’ll be locked up again today. My short little stint as a free(ish) man will end due to Belle’s impending business trip. After she reminded me last night that I’d be reimprisioned before she left, I asked, “What, don’t you trust me?”

“No,” she replied flatly, “I can just see it now on your blog. ‘I was just blah blah blah and then…’ So no, I don’t trust you. You’re getting locked up.”

Whatever you say, Belle Fille.

7 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. Yum 🙂 The amount of control that Belle Fille has become comfortable with has definitely grown exponentially since the beginning of your blog. To obad there isn’t a way for her to tell us, your readers, what those dates are. I’d love to know!

    1. That *would* be something, wouldn’t it? I can’t think of any way for all of you to know the dates that wouldn’t also tip me off, but I admit it’d be somewhat cool to be the only guy in the room not in the know.

  2. I’v been reading your blog from the beginning and just have caught up to date. Your an excellent writer and I have enjoyed reading this blog. By the way, I’m older (in my 70’s) and have always been interested in orgasm denial among other kinks. What I’d like to see is various postings by Belle Fille as to her psychological impressions of your kink and how she feels about how she is getting deeper and deeper into bdsm, especially how she feel about punching your balls.

  3. She’s always welcome to email them to me 🙂 The I could email them to anyone else – who isn’t you, of course 🙂 Wishful thinking, I know 🙂

    And esirpus, I know I am not Belle Fille, but as a wife who has done a somewhat mini-version of what Thumper and Belle are doing, heavy on the cbt, I can tell you, the first time you punch your husband in the balls, it’s a mindfuck. As a female, you spend your whole sexual life being told to be careful there, and now he wants you to do what? But oh it is so much fun! I had no idea how much of a sadist I really am. I had more fun crushing them in my fists than anything, but we did try punching, kicking, stomping and stepping on them too. It was all good 🙂 And it all made me wet. I loved the noises he made. I have even orgasamed JUST from causing him pain. Damn…. I miss that.

  4. @naughtywife – Go ahead and use the smiles, but they don’t exactly grow on trees. Keep it up and I’ll have to ask you to deposit some quarters or something.

    RE: My dates. I suspect Belle’s going to be keeping them under wraps.

    @esirpus – Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Belle occasionally comments, but I don’t think she’s likely to post any time soon. Doesn’t seem to be her thing (though I’d love to read what she has to say!).

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