Milking madness

I got a couple questions regarding the milking I mentioned in my last post via comments. I glazed over that more than I wanted to, so I’ll answer them here and expand on the event.

From Dev:

What did the milking feel like?

From esirpus:

When you are giving yourself a prostate milking are you wearing your chastity device? And if so is Belle supervising you?

I’ll take the last two first. No, Belle was not supervising me. She’s instructed me to take care of this by myself. Sure, I’d love for her to be involved, but if she doesn’t want to be, at least she’s letting me do it alone. Anything anal squicks her out, so I can’t count on her involvement going forward. And yes, I was in the device. In my handful of attempts at this in the past, I’ve found having access to the cock makes it somewhat easier, but also more dangerous since a few pulls to help things along can be taken too far. Also, the juices seem to run a bit more easily through erect meat than flaccid.

As to how it felt…this is more complicated. The act of stimulating the prostate feels amazing. Sometimes, so intense it’s hard to say it feels good. I imagine it’s not too dissimilar to what it must feel like to have one’s clitoris stimulated. I have a hard time imagining that prostate massage alone would ever lead me to a real orgasm, but the signals it sends my brain when I’ve found the spot are so closely related to orgasmic pleasure that I find it only sends my frustration and desire for one into the stratosphere. It’s kind of like a car engine that won’t start: turning the key makes a lot of noises that kinda sound like it’ll turn over, but it never quite gets there.

I’ve never really been able to get much out of myself this way. A dribble here, a dribble there. The last time, with the G-force, was pretty much the same. However, I did end up get a feeling like I had to pee. Once I tried, I found the fluid that came out to be thick and milky. And plentiful. Turns out, I was successful but didn’t understand the feeling well enough to know.

With regard to doing it in the future, I think the secret is getting into a sufficiently relaxed state. Since I feel like I’m kind of sneaking around when I do it (though Belle’s been aware of the last few attempts) and I’m usually squirreled away in a bathroom or something, I never let myself totally enjoy the moment. As with anything anal, being relaxed is key. Usually, I’m too tense. Also, there’s a fair but of contortion involved in reaching the spot. Not so much with the G-force with its handle and length, but even then it’s impossible to really lay back and enjoy the sensation since I’m the one creating it.

I’ll probably give it another try in about a week. Any tips in the mean time would be appreciated.

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  1. If you could, could you share your experiences with the Lelo Bob and the Aneros as well? I gather they were not as intense/satisfying as the G-force. Did/do you wear either of those for extended periods of vertical stimulation (i.e. walking around)?

    1. The G-force is better for me than the other two since it’s easier to handle (long, built-in grip) which make manipulating the prostate easier. Due to the length, I was able to run the nob of the G-force over the gland from front to back (shallow to deep). The other two devices allow only a limited motion like this, but it involved the sphincter muscles and wasn’t as pleasurable for me. I think they’re more designed for shallow front-to-back motions or lateral, side-to-side stimulation (which I can also get from the G-force).

      I have worn both the Aneros and the Bob around vertically. The Aneros is challenging due to its handles and hard construction. It’s just not as comfortable. The Bob is much better suited since its unique loop handle is flexible. However, in both cases, I didn’t experience a lot of sensation. The Aneros maybe more than the Bob, but neither so much that I was dying to do it again.

  2. My experience is that it needs to be a process taken with plenty of patience, smooth and slow. Doing it the same way each time seems to help – same room, same process etc, as if you are training your body to react to the same stimulus. And sometimes it seems to go into the bladder rather than out through the penis, so the results can look a little disappointing.

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