Prepping the cage

I’m going to be away from Belle for four nights starting tomorrow at a conference and she apparently doesn’t trust me to be alone with the cock since she told me last night she was going to lock me up before I left. I had been asking what her intentions were for a few days since I’m not sure I entirely trust myself either, but I have to say hearing that I would definitely be under control came as a bit of a shock (and not one I’m especially looking forward to). It’s going to be a pain in the ass since I’ll be driving a lot and publicly speaking and using men’s rooms, etc. Then again, this is the deal I signed up for.

chrome_pegs_smlIn anticipation of my renewed imprisonment, I did a little work on the chrome CB6K. Since I’m comfortably settled into a ring/spacer combination that works, I chopped the two pins on either side of the device down to size. They’re designed to work with the longest spacer, but I’m using the second smallest at this point with no plans to move up. That little bit of extra plastic makes a difference in the tight confines of one’s crotch.

chrome_inner_smlWhen I got out last time, I mentioned I had developed a small sore on the corona of the glans, but that turned out to be a clogged pore (aka, penis pimple – something I didn’t even know was possible). I assume the excess paint that rubbed off onto my skin is what caused that, but it’s totally cleared up now. To help avoid that in the future, I’ve scrubbed the inside of the tube out with a soapy sponge. However, as you can see, the furthest reaches of the tube still aren’t as smooth as the unpainted version. Time will tell if the color leeches off again.

The last thing I’m waiting to hear about with regard to this trip (and the rest of my life, I suppose) is whether or not I’ll be allowed to access porn. Looking at porn is a well-established hotel room activity for me (along with about 99% of the traveling male public), but thanks to the do-gooders who leave comments here, Belle’s considering putting an end to that. So, you know, thanks everyone for placing that little bug in her ear. I appreciate it.1

1 Not.

9 thoughts on “Prepping the cage

  1. Does access to porn really matter if you’re locked? It almost sounds like additional suffering!

    Hey also………… chatted about his a few posts back but I can’t remember. Which is better from a sub missive’s point of view…being in a clear cage and being able to see your parts, or being in a solid colored cage with no visual access to those parts?



    1. Tim – a *real* submissive doesn’t have a point of view, except, possibly, the one from the floor looking up.


      The cage style is simply a matter of preference. Mrs. Edge and I prefer the clear version, and both of us would be so concerned about not seeing possible problems that it would over-ride the hawtness of having something solid.

      That said, I do, sometimes, think it would be hawt to have something in serious stainless steel…

      @Thumper – I’m not sure why access to pr0n makes any diffy. I know that Mrs. Edge doesn’t particularly care one way or t’other.

    2. @Tim, I did touch on this a few posts ago. The solid’s hotter for both of us. For her, she just prefers the look over the clear model. For me, it’s a bit of a mind-bender not being able to see the meat for such a long time. The device doesn’t so much encase the organ as much as it *replaces* it.

      As for the porn, I get to the point were I crave the sexual stimulation. I *want* to get hard and bothered, even though I can’t do a thing about it. A lot of what get’s me off is stimulation (arousal, pain, mental anguish, whatever). I’m a stim slut, I guess.

      @Tom, I don’t know why she’d care either, but since a few people brought it up, she’s pondering it. If I weren’t allowed to look at it, I’d probably get more sleep…

  2. Women usually care very much if their man is looking at porn. He seeks arousal by something other than her, his attention is focused on someone other than herself; she fears she cannot live up to the fantasy of porn. He is going outside their relationship; her mind can go to dark places of insecurity and sorrow. This in just a vanilla context. Sex is not just sex for most women. Most women do not want their man’s eyes wandering to another woman’s body either in public or to the printed page or video screen. They make peace with it on some level through necessity because protest is useless; he does what he wants. But in D/s supposedly the submissive does what the Dominant wants. Are you really denied if you make yourself “hard and bothered”? You’re supplying your own sexual stimulation. Supplied, not denied.

  3. I do not at all agree that most women make peace with porn on some level because protest is useless. I like porn, I know _many_ women that like porn, I watched my first porn with women rather than men, and I know of lots of women who like to watch porn with their guys. I’m also not convinced that 99% of men watch porn in hotels, but maybe I’m wrong. Guys I know are too cheap and too busy–but admittedly my sample size is limited.

    Anywho, I think the porn thing like anything else is (obviously) up to Belle (and Thumper). Sounds like she’s trying to look after his well-being; I didn’t get the feeling the porn was ripping her soul apart, but I guess she’s the only one who can answer that question.

  4. I don’t mind when Joscelin looks at porn. I think a lot of women like it, or don’t mind, or don’t care, or at least don’t care as long as it’s not shoved in their faces.

  5. I love the idea of you publicly speaking while locked up. I’d like even more to be in the audience knowing that!

    I’m working a booth at a show in SF, locked in a newly purchased mr s steel chastity device with PA lock. Love the device and for me, much more secure than the CB 3000, although I can’t travel with it.

    Would live to know if there are other guys locked up!

  6. Huh. Were I in Belle’s position, I’d like the idea of you looking at porn. Y’know, since you can’t do anything about it.

    Honestly, I’ve never understood the porn=cheating thing. Is it “cheating” on your wife’s cooking if you go stand outside a restaurant and read the menu?

    Yeah. Just don’t get it.

  7. Well, to be fair, eating in a restaurant isn’t considered cheating on your wife either, while fucking a porn star would be. Some women have a really hard time with their men looking at porn and others do not.

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