There and back again

Thursday morning, as I was getting ready to leave on my trip, Belle took me into the bathroom to lock the CB6K onto my body. I’ve gone into it before with less than full enthusiasm, but this time I really didn’t want to wear it. I was going to be driving for many hours to get to an event where I’d be socializing with dozens of people and speaking before hundreds. It would have been much more convenient to not have a bunch of plastic down my pants. Regardless, she said she likes it when I’m locked up – likes the extension of her control and knowing what I’m incapable of doing – and it’s entirely her prerogative to determine when I’m wearing it and when I’m not. So wear it I did.

There’s a lot written about that moment in which the sub hears the lock on his cock click shut and the feelings it engenders in him. I have to admit, most of the time I’m happy she’s taking control and locking me up so the actual sound of the lock closing doesn’t usually generate any extra feelings. This time, though, I felt the click. It sent a shiver down my spine. She knew I didn’t want it on but she put it on me anyway. Not only was I willingly submitting to her control, she was actively requiring I do so. It was thrilling. And it was done. As soon as it was over, any feeling of displeasure left me. I was as she wanted me to be and there was no point worrying about it anymore.

To help make the hours of driving bearable, I wore my loosest pants and no underwear. Normally, I don’t like going commando while packing plastic as the inner seams of the pants tend to rub uncomfortably against the skin of my scrotum, but find underwear can limit the freedom of movement of the device and pushes it back into the flesh at the root of the cock while sitting. In my loose pants and with the total freedom of movement, I drove for a very long time and felt very little discomfort from the device.

Perhaps contributing to my reticence towards being imprisoned was the sex we had the night before. Belle told me she wanted me to give her an orgasm before she went to sleep, so I (gratefully) started in using my usual proven method. I was free of the device and I found the contact with her body left the cock rock hard and straining.

After just enough time to get her warmed up and wet, she asked, “Is my cock hard?”

I ground it into her leg to let her know. It was very hard. With that, she pushed me back and started to fuck me. It happened very suddenly and I had to get myself in the right state of mind rather quickly. On the plus side, she was able to fuck me freely and long enough to arrive at a satisfying orgasm. On the minus side, as soon as she was done, I started to ejaculate copiously. I pulled out of her to try to keep it from happening, but the point of no return had already been passed. I spurted into her shallowly and all over her outer lips even as I fought against the contractions.

What I can’t say for certain is whether it was an actual orgasm or not. It was at least ruined, at most only partial. I didn’t really feel like I had come immediately afterward, but in the days since, I seemed to have lost the feeling of being denied for a month. I feel like I’ve gone back to the start of my denial, but it’s also the case that my trip knocked me pretty well out of my headspace anyway, so that might be a coincidence and not a result of Wednesday’s emissions. In any event, I didn’t have permission to do any of it, so I count it as a failure on my part.

On my way home yesterday, I found my hand dropping to my lap and absentmindedly tracing the flare of the CB6K’s head and subtle curve of its hard, short shaft under the fabric of my pants. While doing so, the words “my new cock” drifted through my head, unbidden. I’ve worn it so much over the past month with only a few short periods of freedom that it’s almost become an extension of my body. Combined with the enforced nature of this most recent stint and the way in which the new chrome device hides the thing it protects, I find that I really do feel like my current state is my normal state. It’s like she’s taken advantage of the fact that I’ve given her the cock to have it enhanced, improved, replaced with something of her own design. Something she likes better. Thanks to her, I’m not like other men. I can’t do the things they can. But she likes it this way, so I do, too.

I crawled into bed with her as soon as I got home last night and felt myself slip into a warm bath of sub energy. I tucked my head into her chest and wrapped my arms around her waist, feeling the heat of her body. I was very happy to be back there, in my place, as her Thumper. She gently pushed her knee against the hard cage that had been a constant reminder of my position while I was gone. I was home, I was happy to be with her, and I’m anxious to get back into the swing of things.

7 thoughts on “There and back again

    1. I worried about it beforehand, but once I got up there, it kind of disappeared from my mind. Also, as I mentioned above, it’s been on me so much lately that I’ve stopped thinking about it as an unusual condition. It is how I am (or what I’ve become) and wearing it seems perfectly natural now. Recently, not wearing it seems more unusual that the opposite.

      I was talking to Belle last night as I was making dinner and at one point, she just kind of started smiling at me.

      “What?” I asked.

      “I was just thinking about you up there…in front of all those people…locked up.” *grin*

      I’ll be speaking to an even larger crowd next week in town and, based on that exchange, I expect I’ll still be packing when it happens…

  1. It’s interesting-I sure don’t wonder what the presenter at a public event is wearing under his clothes while I’m listening to the presentation.
    I may think a person is attractive, or worth talking to more later, but don’t wonder if he’s kinky right off the bat.
    It may be that the male response to visual stimuli is so automatic that seeing is wondering.
    Glad you’re both having fun though.

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