HNThumper VIII

I took this a while back when I was locked up less frequently. Recently, I’ve had fewer and fewer opportunities to take a picture like this (and not because I’ve stopped showering).


Previous HNThumpers here. Read all about Half-Nekkid Thursday over at Osbasso’s

7 thoughts on “HNThumper VIII

  1. Can’t think why anyone hasn’t already said that this is a really steamy (get it!) cock shot. I feel a little guilty commenting about it, considering it’s not even your cock. Do you get permission to put pictures up? You so should.

    1. You know, I *don’t* have permission. In fact, she probably hasn’t even seen it yet.

      I claim innocence, though, since my intention was to show an obscured and suggestive photo of my left hand. Belle’s cock just happened to be in the frame.

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