The other night at dinner, I offhandedly asked Belle if I could get a steel device. Even though the chrome CB6K was supposed to be the (relatively) inexpensive way to scratch my stainless steel itch, I’ve still been hankering for a real metallic solution. To my surprise, she told me to tell her how much one would be and she’d think about it.

100011_bThis morning, I priced out a Steelworxx Steelheart device from Germany. I spec’d it with a 45 mm A-ring and a tube 35 mm in diameter with a 105 mm total length. This is comparable to the combination of spacer and ring I’m currently sporting, though the tube is a bit shorter to account for some space in the end of the CB6K that never get’s filled. I added an integrated lock to help reduce overall bulk and clankiness, a PA fixing, and a smooth, more rounded edge to the tube in order to make it more comfortable. All in, this ended up being €281.71 (plus €17 for international shipping). In real money, that turns into $424.91. Quite the investment, but if I’m wearing it 75% of the time (as I have been lately), it’ll average out over time.

I told Belle the damage and she told me to buy it. Just like that! Minutes later, I had completed the transaction and ordered my new steel chastity device. Within half an hour, I had received a personal confirmation from the proprietor of Steelworxx, Dietmar Posledni. Since the Steelheart has a round hole in the end of the tube, I requested a slot more like the one found in the CB6K so my PA ring can (occasionally) find a place to go when the meat’s filling the tube and Dietmar needed to know the measurements of what I wanted. This kind of prompt, personal service was something I had read as others had related their stories about Steelworxx devices. It certainly helps one feel as thought they’re getting their money’s worth.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to tolerate the PA security device, but I figured it was worth a shot. The “fixing”, as it’s called on the Steelworxx site, consists of a thin metal rod that it secured through the two pins on the tube which, in turn, lock into place on the A-ring. The rod appears to go down the left side of the tube before dropping down at the end and up the right side a bit. The PA ring goes over the rod and is fixed in place toward the end of the tube. To me, it looks like it’ll hold the ring higher up the tube than the PA cable does on my CB6K. Hopefully, that’ll result in a tolerable fit.

So anyway, that’s the story. I need to measure the slot in the CB6K’s tube and figure out if I want Dietmar to modify the standard design. I may decide to just leave it as is since I really, really like the look of the near-fully enclosed tube.

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  1. Dude! You haven’t even scratched the plastic on the chromed 6k yet.

    I was just having a discussion elsewhere, and mentioned that nobody can seem to buy just one device. Why is that, do you think?

  2. I think it’s like women with shoes. I know you all you men wonder how many pairs of black shoes we really need, but honestly, they each serve a purpose. This is just a penile pump 🙂

  3. lol.. congratulations on the tube. I’ve used my PA to secure my CB3000. It works very well for security, but my piercing gets aggravated by it pretty quickly. I think I need to shorten the CB3000 a bit, since the piercing is always under a bit of tension.

    I think if you’ve sized it so that the PA will not be under tension when you’re flaccid, you should do better than I have.

    Best of luck!

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