Steelworxx Steelheart first impressions

brass and stainless

I’ve been wearing the new Steelworxx Steelheart for a little over eight hours now. Long enough to make some initial impressions:

  • Unsurprisingly, it’s a lot heavier than the CB6K. Duh, it’s made of steel, right? Not too heavy, but very noticeably there all the time (especially now since it’s new and all). The CB6K could feel very airy sometimes and kinda spacey while the Steelheart is incredibly dense.
  • I find it sits lower than the CB6K. I think that’s partly because of the weight, but also probably due to differences in the Steelheart’s ring. The CB6K’s A-ring is very thick and, I’ve found, holds on pretty well to the skin beneath. The Steelheart’s is just a steel ring. Kind like a thin cock ring, but with a weight welded on.
  • The integrated lock (seen above) is nice and sleek creating a much lower profile than the padlock used with the CB6K. A brass lock slides into a chamber made from parts welded to the ring and the tube fitted together. The end of it turns toward the body, holding it in place. Very cool. However, I’ve found the edges of the exposed brass part to be friggin’ sharp. If the lock get’s turned up and into the flesh, you can feel it. This happens more often than you might think. When I have a chance, I’m going to take the business end of my Dremel to those edges.
  • The PA fixing is (so far) marvelous. I can hardly tell it’s there. Actually, it’s more noticeable when the cock is hard than when it’s flaccid. On the CB6K, the ring in the PA has to drop through the slot in order to be secured with a cable. For me, that’s extends the cock too far and puts a slight yet intolerable amount of pressure on the piercing. On the Steelheart, the fixing is in a position relatively higher up the tube. When flaccid, there’s no sensation of pulling at all, but I do feel a bit of a pinch when hard, though so far it’s not proven to be that big of a deal.
  • I’m pretty sure that without the PA fixing, I could slide the Steelheart off with no trouble at all. Those of you who obsess over security and who aren’t pierced, beware.
  • I’ve found the steel to be incredibly sensual. It’s smooth and hard and warm and much more organic feeling than the plastic of the CB6K. In addition, the tube of the Steelheart curves a lot more than the CB6K. Somehow, it ends up looking more natural. Even Belle thinks so.
  • The tube of the Steelheart hides much better than the tube of the CB6K. I think this is partly because of the enhanced curve of the tube, but also because the device hangs lower. When sitting, it’s either invisible or looks very natural (like a slightly larger than normal bulge). The CB6K, with its flared head, strikes a much more noticeable profile. However, I found I need to switch to some fairly snug underwear to control the unnatural looking sway of the heavy metal.

I’m sure I’ll have lots more to say about it as time goes one. Tonight will be the first real test as the penile plumbing goes through a full cycle at about 4:30 AM. I will eventually get around to writing it all out, comparing it as much as possible to the CB6K since I have lots of experience wearing that and it’s so popular, along with many pictures. In the mean time, it’s…ah…well, kinda busy.

If you want to see a picture of it in situ, then you should be one of my Facebook friends of follow me on Twitter (links at the bottom of the page). I posted a sneak peek there. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until Thursday.

4 Replies to “Steelworxx Steelheart first impressions”

  1. Whoo! That’s some cool looking jewelry.

    The Steelheart is curved more than that 6k or 3k, but that’s because the Miller’s devices really aren’t curved; they just point downward.

    I’m disappointed that you have to take your Dremel to smooth out the rough edges. You’d think that a $450 piece of equipment would have been more closely finished.

    But it’s good info that you really need to be pierced in order to provide the best security.

    That reminds me – how about peeing? And more to the point, how about using a urinal?

  2. Ah, yes! How could I forget?

    Unlike the CB6K’s wide slot, the Steelheart has a single round hole that, I found, does a very nice job of concentrating the stream and – indeed! – allowing the use of a urinal. There’s the unusually warm sensation of the urine collecting in the end of the tube prior to its escape, but other than that, it worked like a charm. In fact, the one time I pulled it off today, I found it to be easier than peeing unlocked with the PA ring!

    I agree that the sharp edge of the lock is annoying. It’s really very obvious. I’d imagine I’m hardly the first guy to notice the issue. Oh, well. It’s easily fixed.

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